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snowflake (Rays) at 7/23/2021 9:42 AM: Looking to move Adam Engel and Jon Berti, they can come really cheap, just want to clear those contracts, just want someone of some sort of value (solid defense, solid power, etc.), looking for 1 cheaper OF and 1 cheaper RP. Can be bought separate or together.
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/22/2021 4:09 PM: Marlins will do it
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 7/22/2021 11:48 AM: Cardinals will trade 2nd for anyone who rajes on $5 in contracts
snowflake (Rays) at 7/17/2021 7:55 PM: Looking to trade non-talented players with high contracts (Arenado, Akiyama, Pillar) can be had for super cheap, hmu
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/17/2021 9:52 AM: Free Agent Bids are now being accepted till Sunday 11pm
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 7/16/2021 3:11 AM: Congrats mets
Gradster10 (Mets) at 7/15/2021 7:26 PM: Thanks everyone, incredible series Rangers
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 7/15/2021 5:34 PM: Congrats to the Mets. What a series
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/15/2021 5:00 PM: Congrats Mets
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/15/2021 2:09 PM: Great series- going to a game 7- Good luck to both teams
Gradster10 (Mets) at 7/14/2021 6:15 PM: Merrill Kelly goes the full 9 only giving up 4 hits in Game 2's 2-1 win!
Gradster10 (Mets) at 7/14/2021 10:00 AM: Thanks all and good luck Rangers, should be a fun series
Potholes (Angels) at 7/14/2021 8:23 AM: Rangers are on a roll. Good luck to both teams in the WS.
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 7/14/2021 5:07 AM: Congrats mets and good luck the rest of the way
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/13/2021 8:18 PM: Can the Angels make it a 7 games series??
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 7/13/2021 8:43 AM: Good luck to you too mets
Gradster10 (Mets) at 7/13/2021 8:05 AM: High scoring affairs against CHI but we get it done in 5. Good luck in the NLCS today Cards!
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 7/13/2021 6:32 AM: Wow didnt expect that to happen....great series and season padres
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 7/12/2021 6:14 PM: Good luck in game 5 padres!
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 7/12/2021 6:05 PM: I always knew the cardinals would find a way to make life difficult. Bol in game 5
atleskovec (Rockies) at 7/12/2021 8:42 AM: The Rockies are going back to their roots and naming former pitcher David Nied (1st player chosen in their expansion draft) as their new manager
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 7/11/2021 6:33 PM: I just want to say I’m glad the dodgers struggled this year. But the al champ will have a chance much like the other 3 national league teams
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/11/2021 5:09 PM: 2 Teams have let there managers go after rough season: Ellis Burks of the Rockies and David Bell of the Reds- Fortunately Bell did last long enough to earn the Reds a player potential increase
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 7/9/2021 8:49 PM: Can I just say that it’s crazy that none of my hitters get any all star or mvp love yet I have 4 pitchers who are in the top 6 in cy young. This is a team game those 3 starters would only have 45 wins not the 60 they have without a little offense.
parris (Spiders) at 7/3/2021 5:03 PM: Sorry I have to move on personal family issues
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/1/2021 10:59 AM: Eddie feeling a little calmer about keeping his job this season
Dock12 (Orioles) at 7/1/2021 10:58 AM: Hopefully your next managers concentrates more on pitching- your hitting looks good
atleskovec (Rockies) at 7/1/2021 7:27 AM: The Rockies are already interviewing candidates for next season's manager.
Dock12 (Orioles) at 6/29/2021 4:29 PM: Trade deadline will be midnight tonight-
copp26 (Phillies) at 6/27/2021 1:53 PM: Phillies management looking to deal under preforming pieces of trash
snowflake (Rays) at 6/12/2021 11:24 AM: Looking to trade for hitting help and RP(s)
snowflake (Twins) at 6/7/2021 9:05 AM: Rays please
cjyacono (Pirates) at 6/6/2021 1:41 PM: Pirates are open for trades
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/31/2021 2:19 PM: The rebuilds look to be going well in Colorado and Boston- don’t think they will be picking 1 and 2 next draft
atleskovec (Rockies) at 5/29/2021 8:45 AM: The Rockies are salivating at that #2 pick!
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/29/2021 7:45 AM: Ok guys- really active free agency and now to the draft- Slow draft is open- we will go with 8 hours max to pick for now and pre ranking is turned on
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/29/2021 7:31 AM: That depends on how quick we can get thru the draft
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 5/29/2021 5:38 AM: Eta on spring training start?
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 5/29/2021 5:38 AM: Thanks dock! Big money spent
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/28/2021 10:09 PM: Ok guys free agent winners are listed and there is a lot of them- look for mistakes and I will get them moved as soon as I can- also we had 1 tie that will require rebids(Kole Calhoun)
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/28/2021 9:37 AM: 1st round pick and decent say 60 ranked back up
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/28/2021 9:18 AM: Austin Nola a decent catcher is not feeling the waves that management sent out and the Padres are looking for a first end and a back up catcher.
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/28/2021 7:52 AM: Thats correct- and at the All Star break and end of season I will remind owners that they have an increase available
Glory (Royals) at 5/28/2021 3:02 AM: Quick question, my head coach has 95 wins. When this next season starts and he gets 5 more wins i will get to 100 and have a potential increase to use during the season correct?
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/27/2021 8:19 AM: Sorry -i will update rules- but it’s 10yrs
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 5/27/2021 3:30 AM: What's the max contract length? I don't see it in the rules
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/26/2021 6:23 PM: RP Josh Hader can be had for a early 1st rd pick- Brewers need plenty of help also
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/26/2021 6:20 PM: SP John Means can be had for a late 1st or early 2nd rd pick- the O’s need a lot of help-lol
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/25/2021 4:56 PM: Ok guys, Free agency is officially open- bids will be accepted till Friday 11pm
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/25/2021 4:33 PM: Work calls- will run progressions shortly
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/25/2021 11:23 AM: Welcome Gradster- progressions will be run later this evening so as I stated in league message make sure you have contracts signed
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/24/2021 7:17 PM: Also the teams without managers have until spring training ends to name a manager for the 2022 season
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/24/2021 7:15 PM: Braves have 2 potential increase,Astros have1 and Royals have 1
atleskovec (Rockies) at 5/24/2021 5:06 PM: The Rockies have decided to go with Ellis Burks as their manager to start the 2022 season.
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/24/2021 4:35 PM: Honestly we could of looked at a few different options to determine moy based on win expectancy and using the Pythagorean record to see which team performed way better. But hey winning a World Series and having the 2nd best record in the regular season is hard to argue against
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/24/2021 9:35 AM: Choice not chose-lol
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/24/2021 9:34 AM: Since there is no previous season to improve from the obvious chose for manager of the year is San Diego’s Tony Gywnn
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/24/2021 9:26 AM: Get your potential increases sent to me before progressions are run
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/24/2021 9:24 AM: Trading is back on and off season schedule is listed above
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/23/2021 8:44 PM: It was a very impressive spot season run only losing two games. But hey I’ll take it
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/23/2021 8:42 PM: Ty it’s so weird to manage a good team in these leagues lol
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 5/23/2021 5:06 PM: Congrats padres!
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/23/2021 5:04 PM: Congrats Padres
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/23/2021 10:33 AM: Not that I know of
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/23/2021 9:22 AM: Is there a way to filter out the regular season stats?
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 5/22/2021 8:14 PM: Good luck to you too padres!
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/22/2021 7:11 PM: Two wild card teams in the World Series. Should be a fun one. Good luck blue jays
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/22/2021 8:12 AM: Definitely Sunday- Depends on how many games it lasts for Monday
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/22/2021 12:26 AM: So World Series will be Sunday and Monday???
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/21/2021 5:53 PM: As I said I wasn’t worried about it but it’s nice that my team loves to win these close well played games
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/21/2021 1:51 PM: Fixed and simming 1st game a few minutes early- have yard to mow
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/21/2021 1:44 PM: My mistake- I will fix
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/21/2021 1:17 PM: So having the most wins gives home field advantage over the division winner. That’s an odd twist not that I’m complaining my road and home splits were the same.
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 5/21/2021 11:54 AM: Wouldn't that be something...blue Jay's a wildcard and cards in the negative in run differential. Cards will be in tough to keep this stretch going
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/21/2021 10:12 AM: Could it be an all wallace world series?
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 5/21/2021 5:34 AM: no kidding. Wild. Heck of a series.
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/20/2021 9:43 PM: Who’d of thought the two best teams in the league would play some exciting high scoring baseball in their 3 games. With the top two cy young candidates both getting roughed up in their starts.
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/20/2021 5:18 AM: Good luck* stupid autocorrect
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/20/2021 5:18 AM: Go Mets jays and rays in today’s wildcard games.
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/20/2021 12:01 AM: It was a fun battle. Hopefully the nlcs or division series between us will be good.
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/19/2021 5:53 PM: Looks like Eddie Murray will be our coach another season- Barely!!
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 5/19/2021 5:48 AM: Still a tight race. Sure we will see you in playoff's!
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/18/2021 1:58 PM: We still have some great races going on and some teams fighting to keep there managers jobs
eriko711 (Cubs) at 5/18/2021 8:15 AM: C'mon Cubs....almost there!
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/18/2021 5:05 AM: Best of luck to the dodgers as they play my Padres in a series that will decide the best team in the league and the nl west title
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/14/2021 9:32 PM: Eddie Murray not feeling very secure either
atleskovec (Rockies) at 5/14/2021 7:38 PM: Joe Girardi is starting to feel the hot seat firing up
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/13/2021 9:34 PM: The formula PC uses is at the bottom of the awards page and it includes many stats in calculating points
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 5/13/2021 5:28 PM: I may be bias bu since when are wins the only stat that matters in the current young race. Lamer has the most strikeouts and best era out of the top 3 candidates and more starts and innings.
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/8/2021 10:40 PM: Trades will be turned off Sunday 11pm giving a little extra time to get last minute trades completed
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 5/8/2021 5:53 PM: Dodgers looking for more win now talent. If you are selling please hit me up
Dock12 (Requests) at 5/5/2021 4:41 PM: After next games PC will select All Stars and I will update there potentials and grant 3 days off- and then continue our season
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 5/1/2021 4:27 PM: Dodgers are buying for those selling
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/29/2021 9:35 PM: Now Brewers beat the White Sox without a hit
Parris (Spiders) at 4/29/2021 10:59 AM: Miami Marlins players open for trade
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/26/2021 1:37 PM: I knew someone would take notice of that
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 4/25/2021 4:00 PM: Crazy 17 inning game between colorad and Milwaukee where the brewers logged one hit in almost two games worth of baseball
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 4/24/2021 4:38 PM: Dodgers buying if anyone is selling. Lemme know
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/22/2021 8:09 PM: Waiver claims are off till tomorrow to allow all teams to make their claims
jch16 (Rookies) at 4/21/2021 7:45 AM: I would like to join the league Could i have the Braves please
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 4/19/2021 1:52 AM: Cardinals name ozzie Smith manager
Glory (Royals) at 4/17/2021 5:41 PM: If so, will go ahead and name George Brett as our manager.
Glory (Royals) at 4/17/2021 5:34 PM: Do I need to still name a manager and 5 prospects?
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/17/2021 4:22 PM: By Monday AM everybody will need to have their major league roster at 26 players
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/17/2021 2:11 PM: You got them and welcome
Glory (Rookies) at 4/17/2021 2:01 PM: Hello, just joined. Royals please.
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/16/2021 6:00 PM: I will sim a few after midnight
atleskovec (Rockies) at 4/16/2021 5:38 PM: Do they start tonight? Just want to know when to set up waiver claims
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/16/2021 5:35 PM: 29- 1 against each team
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 4/16/2021 5:30 PM: How many ST games will there be?
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/16/2021 7:45 AM: Eastern
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 4/16/2021 7:31 AM: Also Dodgers looking to make a splash for a big bat.
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 4/16/2021 7:30 AM: 8 isd the draft time tonight. What time zone?
atleskovec (Rockies) at 4/14/2021 10:32 PM: The Rockies name Joe Girardi as manager.
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 4/14/2021 8:09 PM: As their manager
Evertonpanda518 (Padres) at 4/14/2021 8:09 PM: The Padres will select tony gynn
Mattattack38 (Rangers) at 4/14/2021 5:57 AM: Dodgers are buying. Rangers are selling. Hit me up
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/12/2021 8:11 PM: Just a heads up- prospects in low level minors will get downgraded, A ball players are very seldom a good choice
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 4/12/2021 3:44 PM: Haha looks like copp already did so never mind
Wallace_953 (Blue Jays) at 4/12/2021 3:43 PM: Jay's name Cito Gaston manager
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/12/2021 2:53 PM: You got the Jays
Wallace_953 (Nationals) at 4/12/2021 2:46 PM: Actually didn't see the hays as a possible first team...if copp doesn't mind I'll take them
Wallace_953 (Nationals) at 4/12/2021 2:36 PM: I'll take the Ray's please
Mattattack38 (Dodgers) at 4/12/2021 6:55 AM: Dodgers will name Mike Piazza
Mattattack38 (Dodgers) at 4/12/2021 6:54 AM: I'll take the Rangers- Josh Hamilton will be our manager
copp26 (Phillies) at 4/12/2021 2:24 AM: I will take the Blue Jay’s as a second team and name Cito Gaston as my manager
todhil (Giants) at 4/11/2021 2:39 PM: Name Connie Mack as Manager
todhil (Giants) at 4/11/2021 2:36 PM: I will let take the A’s
parris (Spiders) at 4/11/2021 11:11 AM: I’ll take the Braves as my second team and name Sparky Anderson as my manager
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/11/2021 10:01 AM: Ok guys lets do it- let me know what 2nd team you like in opposite league
parris (Spiders) at 4/11/2021 9:45 AM: I would grab a national league team to help out
todhil (Giants) at 4/11/2021 9:33 AM: If needed I would be willing to take over an AL team to get league started
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/10/2021 1:55 PM: Ok guys I put up a poll about 2nd teams- this would just be to get us started and new owners join- let’s hear what you think
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/9/2021 9:30 PM: Done
pskeane (Athletics) at 4/9/2021 9:19 PM: I’ll take the White Sox.
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/6/2021 7:02 PM: If you want to switch to an open team just let me know in chat box or message
Dock12 (Requests) at 4/5/2021 10:54 PM: Looking for owners for trade committee