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Playing in the Sandbox

Playing in the Sandbox

Newbie to PC, and just dropped the $20 to have access to the Sandbox, with the idea of eventually being a Commish. Trying to get the hang of it on my fake league first.

Few questions...

How many rookies/prospects should be added each year to keep things balanced? (I assume it varies by number of teams.)

What is the best ratio for team budgets versus # of keepers? (e.g. $150 mil for 20 keepers.)

I'm also curious as to strategies for building a schedule, especially if you want to do it a particular way.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Playing in the Sandbox

Hope you enjoy the site!

For my 32 team league, we have a 2 round rookie draft every offseason, so about 70 players are added. That works for my league, but I’ve also seen a lot of leagues do 3 round drafts. Either way is fine as long as you make sure the draft isn’t TOO good or TOO bad.

For budgets most leagues have 40 keepers usually, but it is very rare for a team to actually have 40 players they think are good enough to sign. But some leagues require you to sign ALL of your players so it really depends on your league. But most leagues can work with a budget anywhere from $160-$200, just depends on how tight you want the budgets to be (I like smaller, forces more creativeness out of the GMs)

For scheduling, I wish there were a few more options, but for a 30 team league you can use the existing MLB schedule. For anything, you have to get creative. For my 32 team league, we play 3 game series against the entire league for 138 games, then finish with the final 24 games being 4 game series against divisional opponents. There are many ways to create the schedule you want though, just have to mess around.

Hope this helps! Just keep tinkering with things and you will eventually find out what you like and don’t like. And always feel free to ask questions here!

Re: Re: Playing in the Sandbox

Thanks, Tex.
FOr bringing new players into the league, I suppose you can just import the next year's real-life rosters, but what if you have already reached 2018? Do you create new players? If so, how many? X number per position?

Also, is there a way to allow contracts to be extended, rather than just go back into the FA pool after the original contract?

Re: Playing in the Sandbox

For contracts, there is an option that you can set where the player can be resigned by the team in the final year of the contract. It isn’t an automatic extension, as each GM would have to go in and manually extend the players they wanted to extend. I think that option might be under “Change League Settings”

I usually use the “Quick Create Players” tool to create the rookies for my draft. It gives you stat ranges that you can fill in according to your preference, and will randomly create the players with stats between those ranges. It’s an awesome part of this site. I can direct you to the ranges I use if you need them. But for my 2 round draft, I usually make about 70 players. 5-6 at each position. 15-20 SPs and 15-20 RPs. I throw in a DH and UTIL as well