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Questions regarding feedback

Questions regarding feedback

On your feedback, is there any way for Guy to remove certain b.s. comments such as:

"Entered By: Avila12Cub on 10/22/2018 - Rating: Poor
Comments: There was this other league I wasn't in but watched him ruin. He disparaged the commish, slandered him on the public board, made sure everybody hated him. And he says I AM THE PROBLEM."

Or slander after outting a blatant cheater who disappeared after that:

"Entered By: Brenduplantis on 5/24/2017 - Rating: Poor
Comments: Your a ****"

My feedback is nothing but positive otherwise. And both these comments are by total assclowns. I always laugh them off. But I was curious if Guy has the ability to remove any slanderous ones at any time?

Re: Questions regarding feedback

Jay, reach out to me - these kind of things I'm much more likely to see if you send me a direct message.