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85 innings and under franchise league

85 innings and under franchise league

I am writing here in defense of myself and others who have figured out a way to have 2014 Jose Fernandez, 2015 Josh Tomlin, 2018 shohei ohtani and others to be used as starters.

First of all it's not like we have hacked the website or anything nefarious. I do agree that everyone should have the knowledge to use these players as starters.

However I'm getting tired of the negative feedback because these players are being used as starters. Tomlin started 10 games and has TWO COMPLETE GAMES. Why should he be a reliever? Shohei ohtani is an exciting new starter in the league and we want to simulate the season as if he were a reliever? So yes, people, including myself found the loop hole to make them a starter. However the are SUPPOSED to be starters. They definitely should have a very low pitch count, but I'll be damned if anyone can make the case that any of these types of guys should be relievers. Its NOT REALISTIC...and this game is supposed to simulate REALITY.

So please stop chastising those that know the loop hole. Here it is:

Draft a franchise team, then save it to be used later, the import that same team and those guys now qualify as starters. Its realistic and everyone should be able to do this.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise leag

Amen brother ;)

- The Sheik

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Since it was brought up a month or so ago, it’s really on Guy to either fix it or allow it. Definitely not hacking, but I don’t agree it was fair just because you think the rules should be different. I don’t really play fav teams often, it doesn’t affect me one way or the other. But I see no harm in some calling out others for doing something tricky that isn’t supposed to be allowed. That’s what is supposed to happen. Guy didn’t know about it. This is a good thing.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise leag

Perhaps if you could explain this more clearly. I've played in fave teams leagues many times, but I don't understand what you mean by importing the same team and how suddenly a relief pitcher gets listed as a starter.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I'm one of those using it. I don't need it for teams like CLE (because I've won my ring w them, so I move on, they dont need the help like Tomlin. But I won't cry to Guy about it either) Lets look at the clubs involved:
Pirates (1990 Randy Tomlin)
Marlins (2014 Fernandez. 1996 Rick Helling)
Royals (1972 Steve Busby)
If you use 2012 Niemann for TB, there's much better options
Brewers 2015 F.Peralta

Examples like the Mariners 2014 Felix is better than '05 Felix, but some schlep will say you're a cheater if you use the latter kill me. It just proves how little research thyeve truly done on the subject.

These teams ARE AT A HUGE DISADVANTAGE compared to CLE, HOU, BOS, and EVEN MORESO when there's 3 Boston's, 2 Clevelands, a Houston, a Yankees, and a Dodgers club in the same league, and you're F*$#:@ KANSAS CITY !!

Fave Teams is broken. But we'd rather see it nauseatingly watered down with the same 3 "superteams" than see a wide array of owners trying to "shoot for the moon" (win a ring w all 30 clubs.)??? But some of the same people probably complained when certain owners spammed leagues with 25 of the same Phillies team, etc.. But the Royals, Rays, Marlins, Pirates, Brewers (btw, you don't NEED to use Peralta as a SP, but it helps) having even a 10% chance? Oh hell naw. Its a joke.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

@Yankee, I do believe Guy knew about it for quite awhile now. Well before (I won't even mention his name) came on here like he'd unlocked some deep state, cloak and dagger secret. Lmao

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Pretty sure fav teams wasn’t created for ALL 30 teams to be even. So I don’t see those teams needing a better pitcher as valid reasoning. The bigger issue was that if some are manipulating the game to do it, that negatively impacts those who don’t know about it, no matter what team they are using. I definitely agree that the pitchers who were strictly starters should be starters, like a Jose Fernandez. I believe Guy set the limit so as not to have some half or less year wonder qualify as a stud. If I remember right, Busby had 40 IP. Those of us in custom leagues leave those types out completely. So sorry, it’s not as simple as this team needed another pitcher so I can compete better. Guy made rules for a reason. Ask him to change the rules for all.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

It's quite simple for anyone to do. Problem isn't all 30 aren't equal. Problem is 3, 4 of the same damn loaded team. You have to construct something to stand a fighting chance.

Pretty sure FaveTeams wasn't created for roughly 12 or 13 teams out of 30 to win 99% of the division titles either.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

That's why it needs to be on some type of IP/H9 or WHIP sliding scale.

Otherwise it's just an arbitrary number and a rule that doesn't handcuff superteams, mostly teams who are already at a talent disadvantage.

You don't see low IP SP on Yankees or Dodgers or Astros or Red Sox staffs AT ALL. WHY?

Wouldn't THESE be the types of clubs Guy created such a rule for ?

Seriously, when you're unlocking one 7.0 H9 guys with 83IP on a weak staff and the team blowing your doors in (with a copy and paste roster) has 4 SP below 6.5 H9 and a retarded good bullpen, THIS IS THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Guy wanted to prevent ?!?!!?

It's a joke. Again, sliding scale. We could even explore a sliding scale for 50-124 AB position players too. If a one-franchise per league rule is impossible, then something has to give.

All of my Fave Teams rings have been won without any low IP SP, so I'm clear of any asterisks so far, but c'mon, there's well known, successful owners who have been doing this AWHILE. All anyone had to do was ask.

Also, players like Busby are avoided in Custom leagues because they PROGRESS. And the uber-low IP would cause them to take MASSIVE progression jumps. That's not an issue in Autos.

I miss when everyone coming on here didn't expect to be spoonfed every freaking piece of the SIM. When you actually had to pick owners brains, ask, ask, ask questions, try and fail and figure things out on your own.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I’m sorry but none of what you said justifies using a trick to gain a player that isn’t available to those who don’t do it. Again, it’s on Guy to handle one way or another. Fav teams was made to try to win with different teams. Of course there are underdogs. I won with Marlins once and was very proud. I tried hard with Rays two times and couldn’t get it done, but it was fun trying. You’ve won a ton of upsets too I’m sure. The point isn’t leveling the playing field, it was performing a trick to gain an advantage over others, whether they have a powerful team or not (you are conveniently ignoring how it affects the non-powerhouses in those leagues).

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I think that leveling the playing field is a decent endeavor and one that should be looked at, but that's not easy to do.
I also think that there has to be a balance between making the general rules fairly easy to figure out for all newcomers but having a few areas/skills/experiences that you just have to learn as you go and do some research and see what works to make it more interesting and satisfying for those willing to do that work.

On another note, I think I've figured out a way to break into the SIM and write code to make sure the Twins win all of their games in Fave Team Auto Leagues. 162-0 every season, BABY!!! (too bad for anyone else who can't figure this out - lol)

(just kidding, I'm not that smart. But gives you something to think about, doesn't it?? I think it's comparable)

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

A. The "trick" is now out there in the open. Anyone is free to do it. So, it isnt exactly a trick anymore.

B. One Steve Busby is not greater than 3 Boston's, 2 Houston's, a Dodgers and a Cleveland.

So my Busby is killing the #12 team at the rate facing any combination of 3- 2018 C.Sale's, 3- 2000 Pedro's, 3- 1986 Clemens', 2- 2018 Verlanders, 2- 86 Mike Scott's, 2- 2018 Gerrit Cole's, 2- 1986 N.Ryan's, a '17 Kluber, '68 McDowell/Tiant, a '66 Koufax, '15 Greinke, and pick a damn year Kershaw ???

Some 'trick'. Better trick would be what some owners do and just pick the same 5 teams to win with ad nauseam and say the hell with KC. Lol

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

You tell him Jay. I concur.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Honestly, you guys with the FAV Teams and rolling out all ALL STARS all the time, does that not get boring?

I can't even fathom playing in a league where Jason Giambi grounds out to Jason Giambi - it's kind of silly.

So if you have two identical teams ( which is possible) say opening day Chris Sale vs Chris Sale with the same 9 nine on each team batting in the same exact order, why don't you just flip a coin?

Re: 85 innings and under franchise leag

Spamming CLE, BOS, and HOU is a no-brainer, as is using the RP loophole. Trying to shame players into playing "the right way" is folly.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

This is PC's Steroid Scandal. It's entertaining that Barry Bonds is the one bringing up the subject after it had been buried for awhile. And McGwire and Clemens joined in. "Stop telling us steroids give us an advantage! Here's a needle, just do it, too!"

Mike Greenwell would not agree with an RP Loophole [aka RPL] only used by 10% of the GMs.

Equality of Opportunity is what all game participants should have.

Several guys name their Fav Team: "MLB Team-year-year-year-year." Why not put "MLB Team - RPL" so you are in the open about what you are doing? A message on the board isn't suddenly making the playing field level, as board messages go away and most GMs don't read thru the board, before joining a league, to see if another GM is gaming the system.

Add RPL to your team name if you are using it to build your team. If there isn't any guilt or hesitation about using the RPL, let suckers like me know what is up before I put a lot of time and effort into creating a Fav Team that not only has to compete against stacked CLE, HOU, and BOS teams, but also has to compete against teams created by Barry Bonds that are juiced compared to my Mike Greenwell team.

Label it. Equality of Opportunity is what you should want in a game, too, otherwise your victories are tainted.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

"Juiced" is 1990 Randy Tomlin ? Lmfao. Im not seeing the correlation. That 7.0 H/9 is just plain unfair. Those Pirates winning ALLLL those Fave Tm rings need to be stopped.

Pouring over Bbref.com for midseason traded players, roster ideas, if someone didn't know they could do that, that's a bbref junkie's fault ? Again, back to god forbid you didn't hand every owner every advantage on a silver platter.

Also, dWAR has also changed the playing field. Its made a Miami title impossible with their porous defense player after player after player, we aren't just adding up big range factor totals anymore.

Point is how many owners never bother with 2/3 of the franchises because they have no shot.. THAT'S a good thing and competitive balance is TERRIBLE?!

Re: 85 innings and under franchise leag

Jay and crew (J Crew?), a lot of your comments about fav teams leagues are perfectly valid. But they have nothing to do with doing something because you know it will give you an SP who should be an RP (by Guy’s rules). Again, you are fav team junkies and I’ve played it less than 10 times. The point isn’t what works or doesn’t work or who studies more. The point is some have manipulated the system to get something they aren’t supposed to have. That’s all. Everything else you said are other issues that happen in fav teams. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that. Why tip the guy who brought it up on the boards? It’s something Guy needed to know, and now does.

To raging point, most people don’t read these boards. Just the few of us who keep replying to each other.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

"The guy who brought it up on the board"??? I cant even be referred to by name? At least the red sox won the WS.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I was referring to ebee1 post from over a month ago.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I know for a fact owners have let Guy know wellllll before ebee1 ever 'blew the whistle'...

He didn't make some big discovery. He was just the first to whine to the boards about it.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I gotta agree with yankeebb here.
Call it a loophole or come up with another nicer sounding word but if its a glitch in the system and guys use it to their advantage and not everyone knows about it because, again, its a glitch , then the actual word is cheating, not finding a loophole.
But to the guys doing it, knock yourself out. If thats what you need to compete, have at it.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Says the guy who only uses the Cardinals in Fave Team autos. ;)

Not exactly a challenging club to build..

Its a glitch. And we all see how many rings its winning. And how quickly Guy has moved to fix it.

Fave Teams needs fixing. Period.

I haven't named names, because thats not my style. I've exposed a few cheaters on this site and contributed quite a bit as well, they can identify themselves or continue to try and distance themselves, but that's calling a pretty respectable, successful group of owners 'cheaters'. BIG names... (and no, Slater and his ego isn't referring to himself either. ;) )

Again, its a GLITCH in a GAME that ANYONE can access.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

The cards are literally his FAV TEAM. Now you are calling him out for that?

Anyway, when ebee1 posted the thread (he didnt whine, and you even commended him for bringing it up, after getting defensive), Guy responded with "I want to acknowledge I’ve seen this thread and I’ll take a look at it as time permits. Thanks for alerting me to the issue." Whether he'd heard about it before and forgot or not, it seems he was being alerted again. But, yeah, it's been 6 weeks, obviously not a priority. I'm going to say again, fav team leagues, for whatever reason Guy intended, force you to use SPs with under 85 IP as RPs. So manipulating that system by saving team then importing saved team so you can use them as SPs is in fact breaking the rule Guy set. It doesnt matter if only weaker teams are using it, and it doesnt matter if there are 11 BOS and HOU teams in the league, and it doesnt matter if "everyone can do it". There have been many other ways people have manipulated the system. You can call it ingenius or cheating, either way it's not something that was intended and certainly not known or done by all. So it is an unfair advantage even if you think it levels a playing field for certain teams. What will you say when one of those top teams has a player they can do it with? Like I keep repeating, Guy really needs to fix it so it's the same for all, whether that means back to how he intended, or opening up lesser IP starters to remain starters.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

That’s cool, I’m still having too much fun thinking about a guy with 6 kids sitting around trying to find ways to cheat at a sim baseball game on an I Phone 😂😂

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

No, not calling him out for using his Fave Team, merely that it's an easy team to compete with, so he hasn't exactly ran the gambit of franchises, beating his head against the wall in a figurative sense. I know he participates in other fave team themed leagues, such as our Best of the Rest. Won a ring w the Reds. Good competitor. Those leagues are popping up BECAUSE of the current sh*tty landscape of Fave Team Autos.

My kids have absolutely d*ck to do with this discussion, so leave them out of it. Phones are a beautiful thing. You can pick them up and put them down at a whim. Kind of a perfect hobby when you're constantly moving..

I commended ebee and tried to offer him some Fave Tm advice behind the scenes, he never responded but all was kosher dill unti he ran his mouth all over that BOTB2 chat. His accusations and bs kinda killed the love first Yankee, if you remember..

Anyway, It cracks me up that I've literally used this glitch on six teams and those teams ARE STILL IN SEASON. As I said, I always knew it was there, just wasn't sure of the steps. So I asked. . Yet there's guys who have been doing it forever and nobody bats an eye. They're still doing it too. But, I'm becoming the poster boy for this 'issue' because until this post, nobody else wanted to openly admit to doing it, trying it, etc.

It's a glitch, it's there. And if you're using David against duplicate Goliaths, it just makes sense. If ya can't beat em, join em.

A sliding scale solves all of this. At least kills the evil IP monster that only limits already disadvantaged teams.

Then we have the duplicate franchises to deal with or if they can't be touched, then addition or subtraction of years available for franchises, but if that's just a band-aid then what? Status quo ?

Don't know too many owners that are happy with that right now..

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Believe me Jay when I tell you , I don’t have not do I want a beef with you .
After reading the posts on this thread I just simply gave my opinion , didn’t mention your name at all . Then you attacked me , which is fine. Yes , I play the Cards a lot , won with them and lost with them .
I’ve won with a lot of other teams too but always did it fairly , probably because I’m too dumb to cheat !
But relax man, I was not attacking you personally when I gave my thoughts .😎

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

"nobody bats an eye". When ebee posted the thread in December, he named no names, and he wasnt even talking about you, since his reaction seemed to indicate he didnt know you had recently done it. You responded, that's why you are being spoken to about it. I know nothing I've said singled you out. Everything I am saying is in general, but I'm definitely responding to your comments because that's what people do. When ebee posted that, I was curious, so I checked a few of his leagues and saw two PC vets doing it (not named Jay). Your name only came up because you responded, and it's good that you did, to explain what's going on. You are VERY defensive about the whole thing, but in no way have you been singled out. I'm sure more than just the 3 I saw are doing it. Who is doing it is, again, not the point. It shouldnt be done, until it doesnt break fav teams rules designed by Guy. When you, or whoever, do it, you are creating your own rules.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Just to quickly clear some things up - ebee's post was the first time I became aware. If someone had told me before that, I had forgotten. True, I didn't jump right on it as I didn't see it as a huge deal, but considering this post maybe I was wrong about that, it has obviously created some emotional exchanges.

I'm in the camp that we should talk about fixing the root problem, ie making Fav Teams more palpable, than leverage loopholes or not tell me about a loophole. I don't personally see how it makes sense that 2015 Tomlin and his 0.8 WHIP should be used for 30+ starts. I get that hitters with 200 ABs can be used for 600 ABs, but I personally view starters as immensely critical. We all know hitters struggle more than pitchers in the sim in general. It's beside the point to say that weaker franchises need this loophole to compete - that's a different discussion.

At any rate, I fixed it last night - if anyone sees that as not being case, please let me know.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I also see no point to Josh Tomlin being used in SP capacity, but not for necessarily just for that reason.

A. The rates are just too low for the workload he'll end up with.

That isn't literally one of the only one or two ways Cleveland ever sports a sub 1.00 WHIP SP in ANY format.

Again, a sliding scale of IP vs. WHIP and/or H9 would work.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise leag

I don’t disagree. But a sliding scale is massively confusing to most people. It would result in endless angry emails as people don’t understand why one player qualifies but another doesn’t.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

There are so many 1871-2018 leagues.. More than there are 1965-2018 leagues. Or at least it seems that way as the more current format fills faster.

You would think with all essentially all of baseball history available to pick from, those leagues would fill first. Bit they don't. And that's due in large part to the rich getting richer (historically dominant clubs breeding more historically dominant players) and the poor getting poorer. Of the "have nots", only Tampa, Milwaukee, and Colorado had 2018's that HELPED their collective franchises chances.

People choose 1965-2018 because at least if you choose a Miami or Toronto or a Tampa, with a couple moves to strengthen glaring weaknesses and the right park effects, you have a shot at the Playoffs. Then its a crapshoot.

But what good is a league where only 33% to 50% of possible teams to choose from have a better than ZERO PERCENT chance of making the playoffs under the current format. ESPECIALLY with awesome restrictions like the 85 IP rule? You'd need all 3 of the other bad teams to all fall in your division along with your "bad" teams just to have a remote shot at the Playoffs.

Re: 85 innings and under franchise

I believe that all owners should be limited as to the number of leagues they can join. Figure out another pay scale to make money (in addition to adverts). Perhaps adding another bonus player or bonus year for money in Fav Leagues? I see no reason to have more than 20 teams.

Posting how many 'wins' an account has only shows how much time that person has on their hands to create a million teams. How about posting the latest league wins instead?

Favorite teams is a misnomer. Its more like 'best players from 4 seasons for one team' leagues. Rarely does the account choose the same team over and over, and when they do, what is to stop them from picking the same years every time?

The same people play over and over which is boring --and a couple of the guys come across as self-serving -- another reason to limit the number of leagues per account. Most of these owners have probably played every combination of leagues for each team at least thrice.

And I guarantee there will be 2-3 Houston teams in each league. To have Mike Scott pitching vs. Mike Scott, does that make sense? How about a random team selection when you join? Only one team per account in the 'best players from 4 seasons for one team' leagues. It is only fav. teams leagues for a few players. For everyone else its 'play a combination of years for a team to see if I win' leagues.

Way too few owners and some of the ones that exist in each league like to cheat or take advantage of new players -- and push their opinions on others like they are the authority on the website.

Owners should be limited to 5 leagues.

Re: Re: 85 innings and under franchise

Thanks guy for fixing the problem! I didn't see his post. Praise the lord! I haven't seen any other exploits, and if I play fav teams again, I will let everyone know. I probably will just to check it is fixed.

Thanks again,