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Dwar mirage

Dwar mirage

Everytime I am building an Anaheim Angels franchise, I am ending out of options at 1b... main reason is that JT Snow, who was considered at the time quite the best at is position, is now revealed as a defensive travesty by the advance stats defensive metrics...He would be a defensive liability instead of a defensive asset!

The guy got handed 6 gold gloves, including one in 1995 despite an atrocious -2 Dwar.

Even considering that Dwar includes a strong defensive adjustment for 1b... he is far below league average year in and year out at his position...

Other case such as Robero Alomar,Tori Hunter, Dave Winfield are now disclosed as overachievers that only their reputation disguised their average to below average defensive performances...

Re: Dwar mirage

Mark Teixiera-2008 is the answer to your Angels 1B prayers.

Re: Re: Dwar mirage

Rafael Palmeiro was once handed a b.s. GG despite playing all but a handful of games as a DH. Before advanced metrics, guys were stealing GG's almost solely on reputation. 'Advanced' metrics is a tricky term, as up until about 2002-03, all dWAR numbers come from 'Total Zone' runs, which is still rooted in archaic fielding numbers.

1B carries a negative position adjustment, as does LF and RF, as well as DH, because this is where bad defense is commonly buried. It has a much lower degree of difficulty than SS, 2B, C, 3B, or CF. This is why you see rather pedestrian dWAR totals for many 1B'men.