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cpu quick set line ups

cpu quick set line ups

when i have a injury i have used the cpu quick set it does not take that player out of line up ..should i be using it ..thank u..Rod

Re: cpu quick set line ups

Personally, I am not a fan. I tried it on one of my teams and went 6 and 20. Ditched and have played over .500 since.

So much for that experiment. It doesn't know any more than you do and is a whole lot less interesting in playing the game.

Re: cpu quick set line ups

I once set up a bad team with the CPU suggested lineup.

It was very comically bad.. Finally after half the season I couldn't stand intentionally losing so went in and changed the lineup.

The automated thing is good to make sure you've got the lineup filled properly by positions, then save. But you really gotta go modify it after..

I did it the other day on a team just to see where it put players in the batting rotation... Why Frank Thomas was last when Charlie Gehringer (sp) was batting 4th is beyond me, but there it was.. LOL!

Re: Re: cpu quick set line ups

I usually use it just to get everybody in a position, then make alterations. A few weeks ago, it put Barry Bonds on my bench in an ATG league lol