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secondary position

secondary position

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a) what is the penalty for putting a player in their secondary position?

b) In the league that I'm in, I can change positions to a players secondary in the off season. Would their be a fielding percentage penalty?

Re: secondary position

if a player is used in their secondary position there is a 50 point Fielding percentage rate penalty. So If their a .975 fielder - and you use them at their secondary position then they would fielding that position at .925

I have no idea as to changing position in off season- but I doubt you can change it without penalty

Re: Re: secondary position

Most Custom Leagues, during offseason, you can request Commish to swap primary and secondary positions of one player without penalty to player.

A SS/2b who fields .980, would become a 2b/SS who fields .980. But, during the season, the .50 penalty that SCM pointed out would still apply, but when the player was put at SS (as opposed to his new primary, 2b).