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Draft Types

Draft Types

Hey all! I'm new here and looking to join my first league. I'm a little confused on the draft types though and hoping someone can help clarify. Sorry if these are answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find this information, so apologies in advance if that's the case.

From what I understand, the Quick Draft happens immediately, and you get to pick from a subset of the global player pool for each position. But since no players are duplicated across teams, wouldn't this potentially mean that if you're the last player to join the league, your subset is likely to be devoid of the top players at each position because the other teams would have drafter them already?

And on the Daily Draft, as I understand it, the entire player pool is available to every team for every round (except drafter players, of course) and you rank your players for each round. Do you then manually make a selection each round, or at the start of each 8 hour round window, players are drafted automatically based on the ordering that you set?

Thanks for any help in clarifying or any additional info you might be able to provide on the different formats!

Re: Draft Types

Good questions. The quick draft intentionally leaves good players for every team. But yes if you pick toward the end, you’re going to have a slightly harder time because you’re getting the last shot at the players. Some people take that on purposefully as a challenge.

As for the daily draft, it’s the latter. You rank players and every 8 hours all teams get one player simultaneously.

Re: Re: Draft Types

I just take the quick draft like Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show. You get a couple diamond rounds (90+) a couple golds (80+) some silver (70+) and then fill the rest. You also will get them in different order so you don’t pick all your 90+ at the beginning.