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PC Sports NCAA20 *New League*

PC Sports NCAA20 *New League*

Fresh new league just created with fresh new concepts. Our league is a College baseball league with a new twist: Recruiting! You recruit players in season by allocating points on the players you want. Points reset twice a week. Will you go all in for that one 5 star or disperse points over many recruits? This recruiting concept is based off the old NCAA football games on consoles that many of us loved so much! Starting with 20 teams(10 SEC & 10 Big10). Hoping to gain many, many more in the future. We will have drafts at the end of the season but hoping to get away from that all together in the future and just use recruiting. Need several owners still to start season. Rosters are already full of random, unedited creations. Owners must get rosters down to 35 players(27 in Varsity & 8 in JV). If this interests you check out the league and rules!

Re: PC Sports NCAA20 *New League*

looking to fill so we can get started .. thanks for taking a look at our league

Re: Re: PC Sports NCAA20 *New League*

Looking for 4 more owners !! Ready to get rolling ! U can still claim a team and choose your roster setup