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Draft Suggestions

Draft Suggestions

Hi everyone, I am back for my second go around at this after a year off and I am currently in round 4 of my draft. The first time I did not rank my players and struggled mightly but still was an active manager. So this time, after ranking, my players and looking at what other teams drafted in round 1-3, I noticed that 2 of the teams have 7 players already while the rest of the teams have only 3. (Yes, I now realize its a keeper league as advertised).

A suggestion would be, for Teams that are returning with keepers (i.e. 2 of the 12) for the number of players that you sign and keep (from prior years) you forfeit a draft pick at the beginning of the draft not the end of the draft. So going into the draft if you keep 4 players then you begin drafting in Round 5.

Pretty sure this has been a previous topic of discussion, but wanted to throw out there, to see if something can be added on the draft tab. Like Option A) Keeper League - for returning team selected keepers occupy draft spots at beginning of draft or B) Keeper League - for returning team selected keepers occupy draft spots at end of draft. let the new teams decide level of competition they want to endure.

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For what it's worth, the Quick Draft keeper leagues are a little bit like that.

If you keep a guy, you will be offered one less top end guy in the next Quick Draft. Therefore, it's a good idea to only keep guys that are worth a top slot.

I personally don't care for that. It completely removes the incentive to keep someone handy, say 1980 Willie Wilson (great bench player with speed and defense, but a lousy starter with way, way less than replacement level offense overall.

But to each their own. Though I do wonder if this sort of league would fill.

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This is a tough one- I get your point, but a team might hold a really good defensive SS that can't hit worth a lick.

Would you draft that guy in the 1st 4 Rounds? - maybe, maybe not, there are also restrictions on how many guys you can draft at each position so if they hold a top SP and RP they are only getting 4 more each -

I do think it becomes TOO big of an advantage in a Daily Draft though -

Basically if you join a keeper League of that type, stand up and take your Lumps in year one like a man, then in year two Deal out some punishment yourself!

remember those guys they held are probably back in the pool for you to take the next year and add to your keepers

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Love Willie for the Speed and D-fense for sure him and Frank White and George Brett were key to the top of that lineup). I would assume that Willie and other great bench players would be available in the later rounds. I was just taken aback that a team can start out with four 90+ ranked players before the new teams (10/12) get a sniff at any of them without any disincentive (i.e. use of top end draft spots) and draft alongside the new teams in the early rounds.

I would think filling the leagues under this set up would be harder than filling leagues under suggested approach, unless newbies are like me and did not overly pay attention when signing up.

Think about it this way, if 11/12 teams had keepers and the new team was starting anew, would he not get the first four picks? (i.e. the 45th, 46th, 47th and 48th best player available) otherwise, he is getting 45th, 57th, 69th, and 81st best player available.

But as you say to each their own, thanks for the cordial debate.

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Thanks for the reply and Happy New Year.

Yeah, I understand the new guys should just be happy to be playing (like you said take their lumps like a man) and the returnees (which I will be next year) will be rewarded for coming back .

But silly thought though, if only 3/10 newbies (totally made up) are taking it a like a man, does that mean that 7/10 newbies say screw this and do not come back, then clicks/revenue/donations are much lower?

From what I can tell this is an awesome platform and many would be players are missing out, the potential here is enormous.

Go Jays Go!

Re: Draft Suggestions

Well Coach, once they make it through the 1st Season they would be doing them selves a disservice not to come back!

But maybe they just don't get it, year one pay your dues after that - you are no longer at a disadvantage = Not debating you either, too many people have no patience,

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An alternative idea: Set the draft order by the strength of the keepers (instead of random)? Those with no keepers would naturally go first.

I mean, I'll admit that it's a smidge annoying when someone with four really strong keepers then picks Bonds at the top of the first round...

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what would be the point of having keepers then? there would be no advantage- it's not a re-seed after each round draft

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If you have Trout, Tatis and Vlade, then that's an incentive.

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Personally, I like the way it works. The first season I join a keeper league I know that I'm at a disadvantage but I enjoy the challenge of seeing if I can compete. I've won leagues with no keepers before. Also, players can only be kept for two seasons and the salary goes up so it's not as easy as just keeping your best players. There often time comes a time when you have to reload. Plus, you need to think about how much money you have left for who you want to keep the next season. If you had to lose your first picks it would significantly devalue the worth of keeping players.

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After the first round - Team A had Trea Turner, Juan Soto, Freedie Freeman and Vlade Guerrero and I only had Tyler Glasnow. So your are correct newbies will be at a disadvantage and unlikely to compete well in this setup without an expansion draft.

However, moving on.

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Yes that is the case with Keepers right now. I don't dislike the idea of giving new owners a higher draft slot, but that would be some logic that needs to be coded in... for now I think the general rule is, year one is a take your lumps year in a Keeper league...

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Could another option be to keep players on the rosters until the league fills and the draft is set, which would allow new owners to select keepers from the roster they are taking over?

A new owner is still at a disadvantage in that they did not select the roster they are choosing keepers from, but the disadvantage would be minuscule. As WDuncan said, you can win a keeper league now as a new owner, if you also had keepers it evens the field even more. Just a thought.

Edit: this would only work for daily drafts. Quick drafts are a different animal.

Re: Re: Draft Suggestions

Great idea on allowing a pool of player when "taking over" new team.

Re: Draft Suggestions

GB - thanks for the acknowledgment of the issue.

I am a stats geek, love baseball and have played Strato for many years. So I get the concept of taking it on the chin. Some folks maybe less of a geek and the enjoyment may not come as easily for them and lose interest quickly.

I am not expecting a reply but for the Admins something to think about is what percentage of users are "one and done" currently and how to decrease that to drive participation and traffic.

Overall, this simulation is awesome. Thank you for the platform.

Re: Re: Draft Suggestions

Well, one-and-done rate is always going to be high with a game like this, and yes I agree there is some issue with the Keeper issue, but a far bigger issue is the new people not understanding how the stats work, how to value players in a player pool when all the players have great stats, and also just generally trying to compete against people who have been around for a while.

This is a challenge for all the sim sites.

Re: Draft Suggestions

A question on this Guy, When selecting a player does the Filler or Dynasty team chose based off Overall Rank?

There does seem to be some problems some time- I pointed out a Filler Team about a week ago that was submitting a Bad Lineup every game and in fact did not have a SS on their Roster ! How does THAT happen