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Replace starters after clinching?

Replace starters after clinching?

In an Auto league, and 3 games left, I clinched the wildcard. Even though injuries aren't a repeating problem in this league, do I avoid ANY chance of one of my stars getting hurt and use the 5 players on my bench untill season ends?

Re: Replace starters adter clinching?

Yes if you can not improve your seeding then there is no reason to risk injury.My advice is to go all_out to win in the playoffs! Try to make sure your #1 Starter does not pitch game 162 also so he will be available in your 1sr playoff game.

Re: Replace starters adter clinching?

Thanks! My top 2 SPs are slated to pitch 161 &162. Not sure how many "days "off between 162 and game 1 of playoffs, so am I ok for my rotation to be available for game 163?

Re: Re: Replace starters adter clinchin

check the rules section of your League, if it's a auto league you get 3 days off and a day off after game 4 in the Playoffs

In a Custom League, it's whatever the commissioner set up

Re: Replace starters adter clinchin

Auto-Leagues work like this,whoever pitches game 162 misses game 1 of the playoffs unless his pitch count is really low because he was knocked out of the game early due to allowing too many runs.Usually the Starter pitching game 162 needs 4 days of rest but the system only gives 3 days of rest before the playoffs. I realize this was already mentioned in this thread but in trying to keep it simple I suggest you and any other Owner remember not to use your #1 Starter in the last game of the season if your team is headed to the playoffs and you can not improve your seeding. If you can improve your seeding than you have to decide whether to pitch your ace or not in the last game of the season.I always go for the highest seed myself because I prefer to have the extra home game particularly when some of my opponents have boosts or disadvantages connected to their home field.