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Brewers win Favorite Team World Series

Brewers win Favorite Team World Series

I know I've read in the past that people have tried to win a Favorite Team League with the Brewers, but have had no success. Because of that I thought I would share this.

This morning my Brewers team won the World Series it a tough seven game series. The years I chose were: 1982, 1992, 2011 and 2018. Full disclosure, the team was lucky to be in the division they were in. If they would have been in any other division they would not have made the playoffs.

Here is a link to the league if anyone is interested in see more.


Re: Brewers win Favorite Team World Ser

No one was more astonished than I was, as my team was the one that was beaten by a Milwaukee team that had won only 87 games during the regular season and had lost to my team in 13 out of 15 games! Congrats to the Brewers!!!

Re: Re: Brewers win Favorite Team World

I was actually surprised I was able to advance in the playoffs, let alone win the World Series. It was a great World Series.

Re: Brewers win Favorite Team World

Congrats Stormin' !

I love when the underdogs make a run and it pans out.

82-87-13-18 works pretty well also... Their 2018 probably helped them as a Fave Teams franchise even moreso than the monster stat years from Boston and Houston. They were already powerhouses. If there's 3 teams 2018 helped the most, it's undoubtedly..

1. Milwaukee (That bullpen..1.000 OPS season from Yelich. 2.4 dWAR from Cain. You've got Chacin and Chase Anderson with okay SP seasons to help one if the most pitching challenged franchises of all-time. )

2. Tampa Bay (Blake Snell hallelujah !, THAT bullpen . Cool fact, ya get 17 Fire Choi on either club. Lol)

3. Colorado (With the help of 2018, I was able to win a Fave Tms ring with the Top WITHOUT making a single trade for pitching ! I was amazed too. Lol)

Re: Re: Brewers win Favorite Team World

Congrats on riding these underdogs to victory, I am sticking to the idea that some additional franchise tag players from any given years should be added...

Lets say the brewers gets 5.... you can then add Molitor and c Shroeder1987, 1988 Higuera, + Ben Sheets 2004 to solidify the rotation + 1991 doug henry rp or willie randolph 1991 or Cecil Cooper .352 batting avg season.. if the best teams then only get 2 additional franchise tag players... the gap betwen underdogs and the contenders will surely become very thin...