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New NFL Team ?

New NFL Team ?

I must have missed the news that the NFL expanded to Canada , I see Toronto is up on the Colts 14-3 in the 3rd. all joking aside , blue jays offense is scary right now.

Re: New NFL Team ?

You must really be getting your news late… if you saw

Toronto 14 - Baltimore 3

And assumed it was a new Toronto NFL team vs the Baltimore COLTS! They left Baltimore in 1984.


But the Jays are crazy. it’s pretty amazing to have two 10+ run innings so close together. a scary offense indeed!

Re: Re: New NFL Team ?

its called sarcasm lol , did you notice the part about joking ? So far they've outscored 11 nfl teams today. The only sad part is that they will have to play the wildcard. For a young slugging team they have a pretty good eye , 2nd fewest batter ks in mlb.

Re: New NFL Team ?

This has me wondering , has there ever been a sunday where a major league team outscored every nfl team that day? i would say lets leave it from 1950 on would be fair as pre 50s nfl was still 3 yrds and a cloud of dust for most part. the 70s would be my gues if it happened but i dont have the time to look up every sunday mlb game ever !! but now that i think of it would be easier to look up score of every nfl game for first 4 or 5 weeks of season in sept or oct to see if any games were all below 20. just looked up 1950 didnt happen. im gonna look this up love arcane stats.. im thinking it may have happened once. just like last week when i found out an nfl game could finish 6-1 blew me away