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Expanded League Schedules

Expanded League Schedules

For MLB leagues that have more than 30 teams, what is your process in creating schedules?

Re: Expanded League Schedules

It's up to the Commissioner - you can not even play half the League (American and National) and play an even balanced schedule against the other teams in your league, or play more against the teams in your division than the other, but it's up to the Commissioner

Re: Re: Expanded League Schedules

First, like Sin said, you're determining who will play whom how many times. Intradivision, Intraleague, and Interleague...

Then, believe it or not, I plot it out..sometimes it's trial and error (well, all the time...), but I map out how they all fit together at least one time through.

I try to go with repeatable patterns, so you can build the schedule in bigger blocks at a time. Ill then make a list of when the same sets of series occur, because to save time, Ill keep the same teams listed, and change day numbers as needed.

Building in off days is the really painstaking part. I've taken shortcuts before, and they work with mixed results. Live and learn. With WAR Room, I just split the schedule up every 8-9 days so every team got an off day. I'd do it differently now. With Good, Bad, the Ugly, I plottedcit out then simply designated which days would be granted off days. Like we do with Custom postseasons and how Auto Leagues are set up (on a much smaller scale).

Next try at it, I think Ill leave 'x' number of days blank. And juxtapose surrounding day(s) games around to mimic MLB's more 'random' scheduling in terms of off days.

Re: Expanded League Schedules

Totally agree with Jay. Big spreadsheet is the way to go. Map it out. Off days are interesting but not impossible. I usually take a random block of games every 10 days or so and spread a bunch of 3 game series over 4 days so that every team gets a day off either on the first day of that block or the fourth. Lately, I’ve changed it up a bit in one league so that some teams have played more games than others through a big chunk of the season, so there are more 2 1:2 game leads etc. Just like real life. Might not be worth the headache but I like it. Im kind of a schedule geek, I guess.