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Increasing stolen base success

Increasing stolen base success

Is there a way to increase the stolen base success percentage beyond the usual (turn off running against + armed catchers, running with speed 8+ or above runners)?

Would reducing your rate of attempting a steal of second base from 100% of the time to 50% of the time improve the success rate? Something else?

Re: Increasing stolen base success

I never saw the benefit of setting it to less than 100%. Either let PC steal or not. You don’t get to decide when it happens or during what situation so random 50% makes no sense to me.

Also, I never steal with 7 or lower, too low success rate.

I also rarely steal 3rd but it’s reasonable with a 10 speed.

As for plus arm catchers, ideally I’d only steal with 9 or 10 against them. But you can’t turn it off for only some, so whether I steal against arm or not depends. what speeds I have stealing normally.