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Newbie Auto League Questions

Newbie Auto League Questions

Hey All,

Super excited to have joined up. Really enjoying so far.

I have been experimenting with only auto-leagues best of 2019 so far. I know I have a small sample size, but so far not looking too hot.

Looking for some general pointers when it comes to drafting in best of 2019, what should I be looking out for. Also looking for some tips on setting team strategy. Anything would be helpful.

I also saw on the boards that if I have a generally bad defense and a power hitting offense, I should make my field smaller or boost my HRs. Is this a good strategy? It is the one I have employed as I have been drafting high OPS guys and then boosting the field.

Let me know what you all think. Definitely eager to learn.


Re: Newbie Auto League Questions

I think it's true that if you do go for the bad defense, good offense, you should move fences in because that will minimize the impact of defense.

My strategy in autoleagues is generally: best position players I can get, factoring in defense, try to have one of the best defenses in the league, but still move fences in, otherwise sometimes I can't get any pitchers on Slump Buster.

For Auto Drafts, I generally don't draft by position, even if I already have someone there, because you can always upgrade. Because the Supplemental Draft holds players back, I'll target a good CF, SS, and 2B with at least +1 dWAR and 3 80+ Starting Pitchers. And then I'll plug holes by ranking and trying to improve at other pitchers, grabbing a 4th SP first and then other hitters.

Although this is more for Daily Draft, in Best of 2019, I love targeting Bellinger and Story early, and mid-draft I'll try to pick up Victor Robles and Kolten Wong.

Strategy, I only run with 8+ speed guys, no bunts, no closers, no intentional walks, and I don't pull pitchers, because my logic is that my best guy is the guy I'm probably playing anyway.

Re: Re: Newbie Auto League Questions

What is the strategy in supplemental draft? Bulk up offense, shore up pitching? Look for high speed or DWar?

Re: Newbie Auto League Questions

I try to use the supplemental draft to improve at my weakest positions. If you're in a league full of all stars and have a great lineup (or a weak supplemental draft), sometimes that means adding role players to your bench like a top speed pinch runner or a defensive sub.

Re: Newbie Auto League Questions

Shore up holes first, seeing which positions on which you can improve, and then target pitching.

Looking at League 1412 for example, my first assessment is that bullpen is solid, rotation is good for the most part (except probably an upgrade at #5), and I can't improve much at any position except RF and 1B.

So looking at the free agents available, I would target
David Freese: upgrade over Hoskins, seems to sim really well in Best of 2019.
Jeff McNeil: plus arm, positive dWAR in center

And then the pitchers:
Sonny Gray
Austin Voth
Kenta Maeda (low stamina is fine because your bullpen is good)

I also would draft Victor Robles and then play him in the outfield over Winker.

Sidenote: If you want to play Edman/Suarez at 3B/2B, I would probably flop them and put Edman at 2B.

Also, in my opinion, having a negative dWAR player in CF will really kill you.

I think I got a little too involved, haha. A break from my studies, if you will. Feel free to DM if you have any specific questions.