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Best Little League game ever

Best Little League game ever

It's true. I just witnessed the best Little League game I've ever seen. In fact, it's probably the best baseball game I've ever seen period.
It started off with my granddaughter not wanting to go to the game because "I suck. I'm not as good as the other players. And my team isn't very good either. And there's only one other girl on the team and me and I feel like the boys don't think we're very good."

After a brief pep talk, we were ready to go.
Before the game started (my first chance to see her in action this year), I noticed that almost all the boys towered over her and the other girl on their team. Wow! Some tall and lanky 14 year olds. Maybe she IS in over her head a bit. Nah. It'll be fine. She's a good kid and she's MY granddaughter after all.

We're the away team. My granddaughter is batting third. First kid strikes out looking, never takes the bat off his shoulder. Wow. Second kid strikes out on three pitches. Swings weakly at one. Wow. They DO suck. My granddaughter comes up to the plate. Swings at the first pitch, drilling what would have been a double down the line except it was foul by a foot. Next pitch, singles over the pitchers' head. Second baseman throws it to first too late, skips by the 1st baseman, she goes to second. She steals 3rd. Inning over as the cleanup hitter strikes out.

Long story short, she goes 1 for 1 with 2 walks and 2 stolen bases (that's batting 1.000 in any league) in a mercy-rule shortened game. So that was fun. But what made the game the best I've ever seen was that the other girl on her team, appropriately named "Hope" was the starting pitcher, going all 5 innings, throwing a no-hitter with only 2 reaching base (1 walk, 1 error in the 5th and final inning). Oh yeah, and she struck out the first 11 batters she faced and finished with 13 strikeouts in a 12-0 win. She was shorter than most of the kids on the other team (all boys), some of whom were apparently trying to throw her off her game by making kissy faces at her when they came to bat. She didn't throw that hard, but threw nothing but strikes, and the other team just kept whiffing. Only a few foul balls here and there over the first 4 innings. Just incredible to watch.

Anyway, 2 other highlights included the old man umpire who looked like Colonel Sanders eject one of our coaches who said "That's bull****" after the ump made one of our players change bats because it was too wide. And the same ump telling a fan behind the screen (after the fan had said "Jesus") - that unless that was a legitimate prayer, that he needed to watch his language.

It was the stuff of legend, this game. Oh, and while I was watching it, I also managed to grab my first-ranked player in a Supp. draft here on PC even though I had the 6th pick overall. For the win.
Thanks for reading all the way to the end. That warms my heart on a cold Canadian baseball evening.

Re: Best Little League game ever

I wish there was a love button like on Facebook. Because that post Rocked. Wish I could have been there.

Re: Re: Best Little League game ever

damn. wow. no "we want a pitcher not a banned word itcher!" that night!

Re: Best Little League game ever

The most shocking thing about this post is that GusPC13 is old enough to be a grandfather.

I thought he was like 25! What grandfather tosses out LOLs with such frequency, or uses exclamation marks relentlessly, or runs an online baseball league called the Bad News Bear League, where he makes jokes about the poor bathroom facilities of our teams?

Grandfathers are supposed to growl, "Back in my day, we only had a television with three channels, and we had to get up to change 'em!" and be confused about social media, and have pale veiny legs that should never see the light of day.

Re: Re: Best Little League game ever

Gus definitely has pale, veiny legs.

I thought the best part of the post was when Gus gave himself credit for getting his granddaughter to the game with his now legendary pep talk.

To be fair, Gus was responsible for his granddaughter being at the game, in a couple different ways (via car and via family tree).

Re: Best Little League game ever

Lol. I wondered when some of you losers would get around to commenting on my awesome post. Welcome. A couple things. My legs are actually in quite good shape. I am a grandfather but a very young one. When I married my beautiful wife she had two kids who were already 13 and 9. Now they’re grown up and our daughter has 2 daughters of her own. So, not my “bloodline” but definitely my granddaughters in every sense of the word that matters.

And I think you know that my pep talk was as awesome as could be and if I’d been your grandpa and gave you pep talks you would probably be playing in the majors right now but probably only for the Royals or the Orioles, not the Twins - my pep talks have limits.

And I used to hate “Lols” until I realized that they were a nice addition to my quite often humorous posts. One thing led to another and before you know it I was Captain Lol and writing an epic PC Battle Royale blog.

By the way, my granddaughter says her game tonight didn’t go too well but she did get 2 hits and stole home once. What a kid!

Re: Best Little League game ever

LOL, ragingsol. Gus, please take time to read and respond to the pm I sent you. -$

Re: Re: Best Little League game ever

does unclecash end his posts with the $ symbol? is that like Ted DiBiase stuffing $100 bills in opponents mouths after he beat them?

Re: Best Little League game ever

Gus, I totally believe your pep talks can transform a mediocre youth into a world-class athlete, and I regret I didn't listen to such awesome words back when I was a teenager. I'm now in my decrepit thirties, and a pro sports career in anything - even disc golf - is unlikely.

I have no children of my own, and thus no grandchildren. (Making that clear for certain "special" people on this site.) Always thought family was a ball-and-chain that would drag me down into the abyss. Looking at divorce rates, and reading harrowing tales of custody battles, has confirmed the wisdom of my bachelor choice.

But back to baseball. Tell your granddaughter that it's essential she add a bad-ass bat-flip to her repertoire. I know that sounds evil to you "golly gee whiz" Canadians, but the "no fun" barrier in baseball must be broken!