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My State of Affairs/Relating to P.C.

My State of Affairs/Relating to P.C.

I know in recent months I've dropped in a couple messages stating the same sentiment. That my time is very limited, and it means leagues I run move slower, and I miss some deadlines in many leagues. I'm just checking in to let everyone know, the business has reached a fever pitch. On one hand it's good, I've inherited a lot of my boss's old business, to which I'm now in the process of becoming a licensed contractor. I had a bunch of medical judgments that my insurance never covered, that required me repairing my credit on the fly, as I had no idea they were there in the first place. The building we live in, which was all but promised to me, is now up for sale, along with being in a tiff with my deceased best friends wife, the last place I ever wanted to be, and so I'm fighting to make sure I've got my best foot in the door in order to buy this 5 unit investment property, as we continue to seek our forever home. Cryptocurrencies undergoing current market manipulation, so taking those unexpected losses hasn't been fun either. My wife's got her business off the ground, the profit margins are great, low overhead, but that's also because we're doing a lot of the work ourselves. In other words this isn't much the time for games, but I believe it's important that when I'm not spending time with my children or proactively building upon my foundation, that I have time to escape. And this is long been the perfect avenue for that. What I'm stating here, is that I'm going to begin leaning on vices more, something my control freak ass never seemed to do. I've cut down to where I'm only running two leagues, with a third slated to return in October of this year (but also the easiest of all to run), I've taken an "if I get to it I get to it" approach to autoleagues. I'm at 29 of 30 on my quest to winning rings with all 30 current franchises (I try a few others as well, speedy old school Orioles, just Expos, and others) And I do my damnedest to keep up with the leagues I've had long running teams in that it's just too hard to walk away at this point as I spent numerous seasons building them to where I want them.

Re: My State of Affairs/Relating to P.C

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I know this is all a bit personal and probably more information that I need to share, but I wanted you guys to know that I care about this site, I love all that Guy does, and even though I am outspoken and opinionated, I do thoroughly appreciate all of you, your patience and personalities. Thank you for bearing with me and keeping me on board, as well as staying in the leagues I run. I'm going to be honest I find next to no time to work on current PC stuff, but progressions in The History of the Game won't be that difficult, I'm outsourcing the 1902 schedule to be built. And in the MLB Experiment, I believe I have some Fielding percentage boosts to do, and just prospect creation. Draft class is done, free agency can be run, we're looking for two more owners to fill the league.

Anyways that's an update on my state of affairs in case anyone was wondering. If you feel I'm not pulling my weight in your league, please let me know, and if you feel there's a better fit by all means I understand you booting me. Thanks again to all who make this site as great as it is.