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Regarding Collusion

Regarding Collusion

12/21 gbacci Announcements 18 0
There has been some recent drama related to collusion due to regular trades between owners, so I want to quickly explain the process. When someone reports a trade to me, I examine the trade, and sometimes ask for feedback from other owners in the league if needed. If it's blatantly lopsided, I will revert the trade immediately and send a warning to the owners involved. If the same owners are involved in repeatedly blatant trades, they become blocked from trading with each other in ANY league.

I don't discuss this in public forums so as not to create more alarm and drama. I also don't jump to quick conclusions. Sometimes a trade is borderline so I'll let the first one go, but if a pattern develops I will warn the owners first. There is a delicate line to walk.

Sometimes, such as this month which has been particularly crazy with Covid issues impacting my child's daycare, and work getting busy before the end of the year, it takes a little time for this process to play out.

As always, if there are any concerns, please come to me directly. If you fail to get a timely reply, don't hesitate to nag me - I don't always get to every email or message right away, and sometimes it can take a while for me to catch up on messages.

Re: Regarding Collusion

I think the vast majority of us appreciate the site and the work you put in. I'm sure none of us can imagine how much time it takes to keep it running. While little annoyances come up, most of us extend a huge THANK YOU for PennantChase.