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Quick Draft

Quick Draft

I LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!

Re: Quick Draft

Wholes to fill.
Very few. I can start the season with this team and be competitive from the start. Also makes the supplemental draft easier because I'm not trying to fill half my team from massive wholes. If this is the way it's going to be, then I give this new system a giant thumbs up.

Re: Quick Draft


Re: Re: Quick Draft

As you do more, let me know if this continues to be the case - we've heard from some people that they've had success but also some really bad rosters, so I'll be interested to hear how this goes.

Re: Quick Draft

It will be a week or so for me but i will get in touch with friends who play and tell them to report when they have teams coming up sooner than myself.

Re: Re: Quick Draft

I gotta say, it turned out pretty much exactly like I hoped it would!

Excellent work on the redo of the draft!

As for the naysayers who believe it will create teams with all the same level of players, I strongly disagree.
Some players play well above their "rank" and others play far worse than their rank would indicate.
That takes time and researching player histories to figure out who the diamonds in the coal mine are.
Believe me, I know. When I first started, I based entirely on rank, and my first few teams were real stinkers!

I'm looking forward with baited anticipation to see how the league plays out now!

Re: Quick Draft

Before you could pick a player at a specific position and make a decision on the asset you want to select at the position...

do I want a speedster?
do I want a slugger?
do I want a good defender?
do I wan't a batting average hitter?
do I wan't a lefty hitter?
a switch hitter?
a combo of speed and defense?
a combo of power an defense?

It was all possible before...

At the end you were able to build a combination that fit the kind of team you wanted...
Basically like any fantasy drafts of any kind you would be involved in...

Now...you just go for whatever is offered to you... since most of the picks are no brainers...

How can this be an improvement???

Re: Re: Quick Draft

It’s very possible (no accusations , that’s not what I’m about) that a lot of the users that are enjoying this just haven’t been playing for 3-4+ years and don’t realize how enjoyable it can be once the intricacies are learned.
Instead they are probably like us when we first joined, thinking “Wow, this baseball Sim is awesome compared to the other crappy games I was playing before, and it’s free!?!”

I haven’t downloaded another game or app onto my phone in 2 years Lol

Re: Quick Draft

Down to my 4th draft or so under the new system...

1 of them had no 1B in sight... I am stuck with Ryne Sandberg playing out of position..

Again , here his a 2nd that just happened... no 3B in sight...have to play with Delino Deshields at 3B...unless a 3B glove fits Kirby Puckett...


Re: Quick Draft

I don't disagree with you Von- that being said, you stated that after playing 3-4 years you "understand the intricacies of the Game"

That in itself is telling, There really is no good primer on how things work, there are vague articles and a Newbies tips page but that is about it.

I was on my 4th team before I discovered you could change a players stats in some instances by changing his year, I had teams where my SS was only like a DWar .15 but had above average hitting stats, but what I REALLY needed was his "off" batting year with +2.86 DWar and it really improved my team. I HAD enough offense, I needed Defense. Rank ignores Defense which is odd, it is 50% of the game after all.

I didn't know until this week what the formula for determining Rank was based on, and in truth STILL am unsure if RANK is just a compilation of stats OR if RANK itself has an u-noted effect on a Batters hitting abilities, which I believe it does.

I am not saying that the site should supply everything required to become an ace overnight, but if it takes 3-4 years to be competitive, you won't keep many of today's short attention spanned people hanging around, and then the site will wither and die and we don't want that either.

There should be some better way of teaching the basics of the site to new people that will allow them to at least know what they are doing better.

Re: Re: Quick Draft

It took me a couple of seasons, then I started paying attention to the right things. I wouldn’t assume it takes everyone the same amount of time.
I’ve said this before, the fun was in improving, not in plateauing.
Wasn’t it cool to realize you could improve your team by changing a players season? I also didn’t realize that right away. Also when you realized defense matters!?

Anyway, if I excelled at the game right away I would have lost interest fast. Too easy is real boring. Too easy is good for a quickie, but not worth keeping on your phone😉

I’m gonna stop regurgitating on the Boards now.

I still love you PC, but like with a lot of long term relationships after awhile......... 😐 Lol

Re: Re: Quick Draft

I've only done the new draft once, but mine wasn't loaded with "No-brainer" picks. In fact, it took me longer to do this one than it has been in previous Autodrafts, because I was seeing players I hadn't seen before.
Do the teams generally come out by rank of players to be a bit more even? Probably.
But building teams on rank alone is a recipe for disaster, and it's not taken me 4 years of playing, to figure that out.
We won't really know how well the new draft system works until after a few seasons of play.
I'm looking forward to doing my part in this experiment!

Re: Quick Draft

Here is another example of the supplemental draft not being fully taken advantage of- I had the 11th pick, that actually turned into the 7th pick- Thats 12 players who should have been taken that were still available for the "FCFS" frenzy.

It DOES make a difference.

Re: Re: Quick Draft

Forgot to include the Link.


Re: Quick Draft

No it doesn't

Re: Re: Quick Draft

Just did my 1st KEEPER Quick League draft since the change, I understand Now why PLPL512 said he ended up with no 1st baseman.

the draft no longer goes SP,SP,SP,SP.SP RP,RP,RP,RP,RP C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS and so on.

it is now offering a choice of position players- so plpl512 since did not like the choices he was offered at 1B and ended up with an out of position guy (which I'm sure he will remedy during the free Agent feeding frenzy)

So isn't that a BETTER option than before where you were force fed a position? He must be strong in another slot to make up for selecting a 1B from what was offered.

Re: Quick Draft

Not to mention the prior way we were NEVER offered a good 1B or 3B. Always had to get those through Supp if one wasnt kept. Havent done the new version yet but will with 2018 stats so we'll see.

Re: Re: Quick Draft

I haven't noticed any difference in Non Keeper quick draft leagues though, yes, the caliber of players offered has changed a bit, but it's still 5 SP 5 RP and so on- I did one about 3 days ago