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1871-present Fave Tm Autos, Thoughts

1871-present Fave Tm Autos, Thoughts

There's how many open 1871-present Fave Tm leagues ?? and TWO 1965-presents open..

The old-time ones are filling much slower because of the fact that you can only use a handful of teams to compete. Do you see "even Shiek and Papa" putting TBR or KCR or MIL in an 1871 league ? No. You dont, because its suicide.

It isnt asking to "nerf the game to make it easier" as my least favorite owner here ever once said.
Its keeping things competitive, the only time you see a "lesser" team in an 1871 is when some poor newb doesn't know he's signed his death certificate yet. Its become boring..

The pattern tells me other owners are doing it too. Waiting for 1965-present leagues, so that they can use all 30 teams.

Still don't understand, how after 2018 helping some teams with 4 yrs become total juggernauts now, that SFG is a 3yr team in 1965-present either.

Re: 1871-present Fave Tm Autos, Thought

as usual, jay makes good, well-thought out points

Re: 1871-present Fave Tm Autos, Thought

Fave Teams does need an overhaul. I'm sure the vets have most, if not all, of the viable years memorized. And noobs will discover the path to success quick enough.

But to play devil's advocate, with static historical rosters there will ALWAYS be a meta.

Drop the years to three or raise them to five, and savvy vets will find out the winning combos soon enough. Then we'll be right back where we started, complaining about "that one team you see in every league."

So while I'd love to see a change, it'll likely only be a temporary fix until the leagues once again become stale, and another shake-up is needed.

Nothing wrong with that - games go through patches, expansions, or updates all the time - but I don't think reinventing Fave Teams every few months (or even years) is high on Guy's priority list.

Custom leagues have some great ideas to keep Fave Team leagues fun and competitive, but of course there aren't enough custom leagues of this nature to satisfy our team-building urges.

Re: Re: 1871-present Fave Tm Autos, Tho

I agree that SFG should be able to have 4 seasons in modern favs again. They will not dominate like they did previously.