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Gold Glove Snub

Gold Glove Snub

MLB distributed their gold glove yesterday.

Daulton Varsho was the MLB leader in Defensive run saved (29) and third in DWAR (2,8) in the whole MLB but got snub...

Kwan got it with a 1,2 DWAR and 16 run saved....basically less than half the contribution of Daulton Varsho.

A gold glove for Varsho would of at least cover a bit the awful trade made by the Blue Jays last year when they traded Gabriel Moreno and Gurriel for Varsho...

Re: Gold Glove Snub

I dont get that either Kwan had 80 more innings but only 23 more chances. He also made 3 more errors than Varsho who only made one.
Varsho also played some CF as well. Kwan's innings were all in left. I can see your point very clearly. Definitely a strange decision.

Re: Re: Gold Glove Snub

Maybe they just forgot to look north of the border. It's not always easy to remember that Canada is an actual place! lol