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How to create a 12-team schedule?

How to create a 12-team schedule?

I'm trying to set up a schedule for a 2-division, 12-team league.

162 games

18 games against each of 5 division opponents. 9Home, 9Away

12 games against each of 6 non-division opponents. 6 Home, 6 away

What league schedule should I copy in to get this format?


Re: How to create a 12-team schedule?

Yeah you can use the schedule builder to build the inner division games quickly in chunks, but then games out side division would have to be built series by series. And after all that you’ll probably have to tweak some home/away matchups to even it out.

Re: Re: How to create a 12-team schedul

Yup, graphing schedules out is the only way Ive ever built custom ones. I'd have to check what I did w each League, but I may have something you can use. Quickest way I found is to do graph out the days each series occurs, repeat patterns wherever you can, then build each matchup all at once, meaning.. Say I have "Mets @ Phillies" on 4 separate occasions (three-3 game series and a 4 game series, say they start on Days 12, 38, 98, and 140, I'd map all 4, one after another, then flip to teams who match up to the same pattern, that allows me to build it in blocks as quickly as possible. Its still a pain though. Lol

Re: How to create a 12-team schedul

I mapped it all out on a spreadsheet and entered it in my schedule, so people can feel free to copy mine.

It gives 18 matchups against 5 division rivals; 12 against non-division opponents; and makes the flow of the season good so that you play your division rivals at the end.