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copyright infringement

copyright infringement

For my team logo, I considered using an image I found on the internet. Not wishing to offend anyone, I've decided not to use it, but I'd still like to know how we can know whether an image is under copyright. Will there be a copyright symbol or some other form of notice? Thanks.

Re: copyright infringement

My guess would be the site mentions that in order to be able to deny liability for any potential copyright infringement on the part of its users, since the responsibility is on you to not use someone else's protected material.

That being said, if you look around at all the leagues, anyone using anything related to an official MLB team logo does not technically own the rights to those images. So... I guess a couple of exaggerated winks would have been just as good of an answer to your question.

Re: Re: copyright infringement

There is also a place where you can get copyright free images on the web. Just goggle it.