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Sad news.

Sad news.

I received this message in Auto League 569 yesterday:

I have some sad news alrosen (James) passed away last month and I wanted to let you all know. He looked forward to his Sim Baseball teams on a daily basis. I will try to continue to remove him from his current leagues as they close in hopes that you can find another person to take his spot.


alrosen is currently the Auto League 2019 win leader and was a great competitor - he'll be missed.

- The Sheik

Re: Sad news.

I don’t know if I ever played against him but he obviously loved the site and was a worthy opponent as all time wins leader, he will be missed

Re: Re: Sad news.

11/26 jamin Random Chatter 0 0
oh no! He was a great competitor in the all-time greats leagues. I'll miss him too

Re: Sad news.

Oh no. He was always at the top of the win lists. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him on PC