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2023 leagues

2023 leagues

One of my strategies has always been to go for the player with the lower k rate. One thing I've noticed about 2023 is that everyone has a high k total. Even Juan Soto was over 100. Would be interesting to see how teams from 2023 would fare against teams from other eras. Come to think of it , why are there no greatest team leagues ? I don't have the time to run one but it would be awesome to see how the 27 Yankees would do against the 76 reds etc. Or maybe gbacci could figure out a way to have best of 7 tournaments with 32 teams or more. You could do the whole thing in a week. One thing I would predict is that a lot of the pre 60's teams would struggle as their pitchers had high whips and not much relief strength.

Re: 2023 leagues

You're in luck! There are greatest team leagues, and you get to choose your players from several years to form your teams

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I am already in those , I'm talking about teams by year 75 reds , 27 yanks etc. In fact there is an opening right now in raiderbill33's best of league 1901-2023 that is one of the best out there. 2nd pick in the draft going on now