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Box Score Reader Error?

Box Score Reader Error?

On my end, this box score isn't fully loading and only shows the stats for my batters.
None of the pitchers on both sides or opposing (BOS27) batters appear to have the stats logged onto their player card from that game. SP Joss was shown to have won that game but theres no sign of those stats on his game log and he started the next game (of which he lost). The opposing SP Strange also started the next game.

Now that I look at the standings, it appears that the game wasn't logged as a win or loss for both teams too.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Re: Box Score Reader Error?

Hani I had to roll it back and replay it... I've seen this a lot lately... I think it's due to all the new users and the database slowing down... I upgraded the database last night.... $$$$$$ but we should be okay...