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Slow Draft

Slow Draft

Want to offer my boys an alternative to our regular league... think this might do the trick!! I donated the $20 and am setting up draft... how do you implement a slow draft?

Re: Slow Draft

Hey Scott... just turn on your draft room (see the Prepare Live Draft link under commish tools) and the draft room is basically "on" and your teams can draft at will. If someone fails to draft in the time you've instructed them to (say, 24 hours or whatever) you as the commissioner can go into the draft room and click the Auto Pick button, or make a selection for that team. Hope that helps. Let us know if you need help or have other questions. People on the boards are always helpful.

Re: Re: Slow Draft

Thanks so much... i am sure ill have a lot of questions but this is going to be such a welcome distraction...