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You know this sabermetric geek loves the WAR additives.

I've been gone almost 4 years (left during pandemic).
Cam someone explain how WAR is now incorporated into Fire rating? Or how oWAR factors into offensive production? Thanks!

P.S. When a season finishes, are league averages factored into calculating a WAR number for completed seasons?

Re: WAR/Fire

Hey Jason,

oWar replaces the Fire number in leagues that choose to use it. You were around when Matt Olson was destroying 2017 leagues with his 31 Fire rating (meaning if he batted leadoff he had a 31% chance of being On Fire). Now, in oWar leagues he'll have a 2.07% chance of being on fire from the leadoff spot.

So minimizes the effect of Fire (since top guys will have 12 or so as a number) and also rewards players who compiled stats over the full year versus the quarter/half season monsters.

Re: Re: WAR/Fire

Excellent, informative, yet concise synopsis.
Thanks Kelly!