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Wondering what effects the sim more

Wondering what effects the sim more

I have a pitcher in my All time greats league, Babe Adams. His default stat year is 1909, when he was just 12-3, but a 1.11 era. His Rk is 88 but stamina is a low 92. I changed his stats to a very good year, 21-10, 2.15 era, and a stam of 128. But his Rk dropped to 20! So, my question is this: what will influence the simulation more, the Rk or the real stats? If Rk isn't that influential, shouldn't I use the season stats with alot more wins and a higher pitchcount?

Re: Wondering what effects the sim more

Hey SanFran. You're right in thinking that the actual stats are more important than rank. But wins and losses, and ERA have absolutely no effect on the Sim (game play) at all. The stats that affect the pitcher's actual performance here on PC are WHIP, H/9, BB/9, and SO/9. And yes, stamina is important too, for sure. So check Babe's stats in those categories and you'll see why the rank dropped so dramatically. You'll want to put him back to his original year pretty quick. Great question though. That's always a tough one to get used to.

Re: Re: Wondering what effects the sim

Sometimes I might experiment a bit to find the best value with rank (to go with speed and defense at times on offense or h/9 and k/9 on pitching) amongst my teams, but most of the time I leave them alone.

One example I have is OF Tris Speaker. In a ATG league I just redrafted in (I lost a 7-game world series before) I drafted Speaker to man CF, but he was set to 1912 with a 94 rank. I changed him to 1922 and got a 96 rank and slightly better defense

Re: Wondering what effects the sim