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FB(L)A NEEDS 2 Owners (Cards, Braves)

FB(L)A NEEDS 2 Owners (Cards, Braves)

Far Beyond (League) Average, FB(L)A is seeking an owner for the St. Louis Cardinals. Former owner a solid, seasoned vet, so they're in ripe shape for the future.

We're currently about to start SIM'ng Season 4 World Series, so you'll be just in time to start Season 5.

It's a mash-up league of the teams that's existed in the two most dominant years of hitting (1930, 2000) and pitching (1908, 1968) in MLB history. In that spirit, every team must have boost or disadvantage parks. Import years rotate backwards, but chronologically also. (Previous Imports: S2: 2001, S3: 1969, S4: 1931, S5 will be 1909, S6 - 2002)

Looking for experienced vets. There's age edits, season switches, takes a little bit of research each off-season to field the most competitive team possible. Lack of familiarity and/or effort will lead to lackluster performance.

If you're interested, give me a shout!
Looking for two serious vets or a newcomer with maturity and basic grasp...

Re: FB(L)A NEEDS 2 Owners (Cards, Brave

Bump. Still need two owners!

The History of the Game has started final checks before franchise selection draft as well. NEED ONE OWNER for a very different league there as well, mixing both Classic and Real Progressions as we play through each season in MLB history.

Heres a link, check it out ! Lots of battling will be done here.

Re: Re: FB(L)A NEEDS 2 Owners (Cards, B

Bump. Cards still need an owner.