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Inning Pitched question

Inning Pitched question

I know I've seen this before but it's been a while since I've thought about this....

I recall there was an issue with progressions if pitchers did not meet a minimum IP (players progressed at an incredible rate).....but I don't recall what that threshold is....

I believe this is still the case....If so....can someone please remind me what the IP limit is...seems like it might be 40 innings....based on the option to double stats for players below....but not sure.


Re: Inning Pitched question

It’s 20 IP and 100 AB, they won’t progress at all if Real Stats are under. They’ll progress at lower rate if under 300 AB, not sure about IP.

Re: Re: Inning Pitched question

Usually see biggest jumps with under 140-150 IP for SP, under 50 IP for RP.

Re: Inning Pitched question

Thanks....that's what I was thinking....but couldn't recall if it was 50 IP or lower...

Thanks for the help.