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Intentional walks

Intentional walks

Is there any easy way to see how many intentional walks a pitcher has given up? I don't see any data on that in the compiled stats (individual or team). Whenever I review my strategy settings, I wish I knew what criteria is used to decide whether or not to intentionally walk a batter. I would usually avoid it IRL, but if I had more control in determining in which situations it would be used, I would feel more comfortable checking that option.

Re: Intentional walks

It wouldn't matter unless you shut off your teams ability to offer an intentional walk, But if you had a pitcher who issued a LOT of intentional walks and shut that off to avoid walks, I am not sure PC would see any difference between Intentional and normal walks.

Also very rarely - and maybe never, in PC, does a pitcher leave a game with a say 2-0 count on a batter who goes on to walk- I think PC would also give THAT walk to the guy who finished the walk, which is wrong, but who cares? LOL