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Garbage innings

Garbage innings

Sammy Stewart, on the 1986 Red Sox, had terrible numbers as I recall, but it hardly mattered. His job was to come in when the team was way ahead or way behind (usually the latter) and keep the rest of the bullpen from wasting their arms on pointless innings.

Isn't this a legitimate bullpen role? Wouldn't it be good to be able to designate a (crappy) pitcher whose job it would be to gobble up garbage innings?

Apologies if this has come up before and I have missed it.

Re: Garbage innings

There really isn't a SET way to do this, regardless of what you want to do, unless that being said, if all the other relievers or non slotted Starters are already tired, the pitcher that is the is the last to enter the game will pitch until the game is won or lost.

As soon as a reliever gets tired, and there are non tired guys available- he gets the hook- There is no way to basically " take one for the team"

Re: Re: Garbage innings

When your team is up or down by 6, the last RP in your order will come in. That's about as close as PC gets. If you are up 6 and the other team has runners on base though, the top RP will still come in. Also, if you set a starter as long RP, he'll come in if your starter doesnt go 5 innings. But in that case, it isnt necessarily a blowout, so not quite the same. But yeah, there's no eat innings role. There are a lot of things PC doesnt have, and wont, and I'd guess this is one of them.