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Best Free Agency in Keeper League

Best Free Agency in Keeper League

What's everyone's opinion on the best way to handle free agency in Keeper League?

Re: Best Free Agency in Keeper League

The few custom leagues I've joined since starting my PC career seem to favor a bidding system. It's more work for the commissioner(s) and may take some adjusting of salary cap to get right. You could accept bids for all free agents or effectively just auction off the top ranked players becoming available. Bidding sees the highest total bid (salary x years) win the player for that contract amount with length of contract usually being a tie breaker, or if there are multiple close bids possibly even having a second round of bids for hotly contested players.

Outside of a bidding system, I'm not sure what would work. You could maybe use waiver pickups, worse teams will usually have priority that way. Limiting the amount of players added per waiver cycle could extend the time but make things more fair. You could manually cycle 1 or more times per day during the offseason.