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Importance of Closer Designation?

Importance of Closer Designation?

How important is a pitcher with the closer designation as compared to a comparable or better ranked reliever when it comes to clising out a game?
Some well known closers are not designsted as closer but are ranked higher than those with that designation. Does it matter?

Re: Importance of Closer Fesignation?

It does not really matter. It is really all strategy in how you want your bullpen to work. you can have someone designated a closer or a setup man and assign what innings you would like them to come out or you can just line up all of your relief pitchers with no designation and they will come out in priority order you set if they are available.

Re: Re: Importance of Closer Fesignatio

Personally, I NEVER use them. I figure it this pitching staff jas innings to distribute. My RP are my best 'rate stat' pitcher's most of the time (WHIP, H9, K9), so I want to maximize the innings I can use them, same as placing your best hitters at the top of the order..that can be close to 30-50 extra PA a season per lineup slot..same goes RP. Why pigeonhole my BEST RP into appearing in 40-60 games and 60-75 IP, when I can use him as a Priority #1 RP, and utilize him in maybe 80-100+ games and over 100 IP ? So I never use a closer, rather I try and build a deep bullpen, especially if I don't have a dynamite rotation.

Re: Importance of Closer Fesignatio

i do the exact same thing as jay. another way to word his thoughts would be : if you aren't winning the game, your closer won't come in. If you're losing by 2 runs wouldn't you want the next pitcher to come in after your starter to be your best RP so that they give you the best chance to prevent runs while you try to catch back up?