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Pitching roster options

Pitching roster options

I have 5 starting pitchers in the rotation. 6 relievers. I have 2 or 3 additional starting pitching options (7 or 8 SP total), but they are not as good as the starting rotation. However, they are better than the 6th reliever in the bullpen. I also have the 6th best starter as the long reliever.

I need to cut someone. Should I cut the 6th reliever who is the worst pitcher? Will the 7th or 8th SP only pitch after the 5 relievers are used or tired? I would rather use the 7th or 8th starter somehow in the place of the 6th reliever somehow if possible. If I cut the 6th reliever will this happen? I need 1 more to cut.

Feedback thanks.

Re: Pitching roster options

Besides the long reliever, your bench SPs will only come in if all of the RPs are tired either from previous game or current game. If your 6th, 7th SP is better than your 6th RP it’s probably a good idea to leave him in instead of the RP. But your lowest RP would pitch in a blowout, where SP only comes in if everyone else is used up.

Re: Re: Pitching roster options

Thanks. I need to cut one more. I may look at the lineup to find someone.