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1984 Tigers

1984 Tigers

A lot of people have won rings with all the franchises , barely making the playoffs etc. The one accomplishment I've never seen is matching the 84 Tigers start of 35-5. I have a team now 19-5 but I'm gonna bet I lose 1 of the next 16. Whats even more amazing about that season is that they lost 3 straight to a weak Mariner team. One of the best 1 season stories , they should make a movie or doc about Barbaro Garbey who escaped cuba risking his life. Stories like that are what this whole site is about , giving you the memories and reminding you why you love the game.

Re: 1984 Tigers

I had a team in an ATG once that started the season 4-3 and then reeled off 38 straight wins for a 42-3 start before losing again. That team went on to win 120 games and then anti-climactically , lost in the first round of the playoffs!

Re: Re: 1984 Tigers

Good story. I chuckled out loud. No disrespect of course. I just didn’t expect the 1st round playoff part of your deal. 😎💛😎