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Secondary Positions

Secondary Positions

If you're going to use someone in their secondary position... say 2B...

Is it better if their secondary position is 2B or IF?

I know there's a dropoff in defensive value when used at their secondary position, but is the dropoff the same if it's 2B or IF? (If used at 2B, but same applies for other positions.)

Is IF just a super-utility type of position where the person can play any infield position with the same dropoff as if he just had one infield position listed?

That's not exactly clear, but hopefully you understand the question.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Secondary Positions

Drop off is the same - 50 points off Fielding % but he can play any infield position if he is an IF secondary

Re: Re: Secondary Positions

Thank you.

50 points... hmmm... makes it tough to decide how often to do this!

I have Tatis, Gurriel, and Lindor in a 2019 league and was going to put one at SS and one at DH... but then the third at 2B.

Trade block, here I come!

Re: Secondary Positions

Interesting you said that and the answer sin city had. I'm curious, because I kinda find it hard to fathom a great defensive player losing .50 switching positions, ESPECIALLY if it's to a middle infield position. I could see losing it if you switched a 3B to 2B, but if a player moves from 2B to SS or vice versa, is there REALLY that much of a change defensively to warrant the drop off ??

Re: Re: Secondary Positions

Agreed that a 2B or SS moving to 1B should not be penalized as a 1B playing other than 1st, even if they are a 1B/IF but in fairness, I think a 1B/IF is a Unicorn.

One thing to consider is that a lot of 1B are leftys, while most other IF are right handed, the 3B, SS and 2B defensive strength suffers or is wasted at 1B

Re: Secondary Positions

Even a 2B or SS moving to the other position shouldn't be penalized much I feel

Re: Re: Secondary Positions

0.50% drop for all positions is simple and clean. Easy to remember and calculate.

PC is designed for a broad audience to be able to enjoy and, sooner or later, field a victorious team. The sooner the better for most who play. Having multiple ranges of a drop in fielding percentage for various positions would serve to widen the gulf between experienced and inexperienced. That is not good for any of us.

Keeping the fielding percentage drop simple isn't a flaw in the game, it's a feature, and it should remain that way.

Re: Secondary Positions

If you want more realistic fielding ratings, go over to the Strat-O-Matic site and pay $20 a season to play .

- The Sheik