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long relievers

long relievers

lets say you have 8 starters and only 2 or 3 relivers.even tho there is only one long relief spot,will the game put in one of the non rotation starters in relief?

Re: long relievers

Yes after the rested relievers are used up it will go to rested starters, and then tired relievers. The last man standing will then stay in forever, well past his pitch count.

Re: Re: long relievers

im thinking of expiramenting kind of the opposite of what the as did,which I thought was stupid.wildcard is rough you play great all season then its one and done.as a mariners fan tho,id love to even sniff the playoffs,longest playofrf drought in the 4 major sports.seattle is getting amn nhl team, they will make the playoffs b4 the ms