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This may have been asked and answered before, but I had a few questions about FIRE.

1) is the only way to tell if someone was on fire to watch the game replay, and look for the little flames thing when they come to bat? (I.e there’s nothing in the box score or elsewhere to indicate they were on fire for a particular game besides watching...)

2) do pitchers that are on fire also have little flames when they pitch (if you’re watching the game replay?) i was thinking that I can’t recall SEEING a Pitcher on fire... even though I know they do catch fire.

3) is there a limit per team of how many players can be on fire in any given game? It seems like I’ve only ever seen 1 batter, never more than that... but I never was paying strict attention to that, and I don’t watch as many games as I used to, so I might be missing something obvious.

Thanks to all for any feedback you have.

Re: Fire

The answer to #1 is yes, only way to see it is in the replay.
The answer to #2 is pitcher fire does not show up in the replay, or anywhere.

For batters, the sim goes through the lineup in order until it hits on a fire player. So if batter 1 isnt on fire, it goes on to batter 2 and so on. Once one is on fire, it stops. Only one batter on fire per team per game, and sometimes none are on fire.

For pitchers, any that come in the game can potentially be on fire.

Re: Fire

Thanks yankee,

That’s pretty much what I guessed the answers would be, but great to confirm.

I guess the only question remaining based on your answers is:

How can anyone know what the value of fire for pitchers is, if you can never see when a pitcher is on fire?

If there’s nothing in the replay or box score to indicate that a pitcher was on fire, it’s a pretty random thing to have- you can pick all your pitchers based on fire, but you’d never know if that plan worked because you can’t tell when it’s being used.

Maybe for the Valentines Day wish list next year, I’ll ask for some way to show fire better for pitchers. :)

Happy Memorial Day all!