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Draft Question

Draft Question

In a Private League we do a FA Draft at the end of each Season- You can rank players and when it's your turn you can draft either off your list or any free Agent, simple enough- accept

When it's my turn if the guy I want to draft is in my list, there is no "Draft player" after Highlighting him button, I have to remove them from the list -then go to Free Agents - select and draft them.

Am I doing something wrong??

Re: Draft Question

Something’s off there yeah, because you shouldn’t have to remove them from your rank list to draft them. If you see them in draft room and highlight them you should be able to draft them.

Re: Re: Draft Question

Seemed like it should be easier- Probably Gus's fault LOL

by the way ----is this player George Brunet's 1964 Season unusable? He appeared in 10 games - starting 7 - he has 75 Stamina - too much for an RP but only 42 IP - not enough for an SP ......