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World Series of Lops

World Series of Lops

We've all had teams with a less than .500 record make the playoffs on occasion, and if you haven't you will eventually...

Every once in a great while, one of those teams that was sub par will even make the World Series.

I don't know what the odds are of two teams with a below .500 regular season record making the World Series, but it happened.
I'm not sure whether to be elated or ashamed. LOL!
Stunned is the word I'm most familiar with right now.
Check it out.

Re: World Series of Lops

pretty stunning - congrats Zeedood

Re: Re: World Series of Lops

How it happened is beyond me... I was fully expecting to be swept in the first round.

Re: World Series of Lops

Hey !!! That's my team you spanked !!! ;-) Congrats buddy - I didn't realize that was your team.

- The Sheik