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The Hometown League

The Hometown League

We have 5 opening in Hometown League. Choose your hometown team. We are trying to find new more active owners. We have story lines such as owners accusing other teams of cheating and with a intense rivalries.

While we do have a lot of smack talk in the chat. The majority of it friendly. I discourage actually attacking people in the chat.

We are just starting Free Agency. Yes, you will have missed the Draft but in this league. Free Agency is where it matters. We want to be competitive this season. So come in Quickly.

Re: The Hometown League

Good Luck to whoever joins this league...there is so much random stuff going on with the story lines and random suspensions that after winning 4 of the last 5 championships and building a dominant team that I had to leave (let alone PC is less fun now...even with winning).

Free Agency has already started, and the draft already happened, so anyone who joins is way behind on their team setup.

Good Luck Expos2004...I'm pulling for you now that I'm now longer in your way to the Championship