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I can't believe......

I can't believe...... close the Dodgers were to trading for this clown !!!
- The Sheik

Re: I can't believe......

As the parent of two sexual assault survivors, I can assure you what this piece of sh*t did is WORSE than killing them. He murdered their innocence, darkened their souls. What's even more disgusting is this is roughly one of the 3-10% of sexual assault cases (varies by state) reported that actually goes to court. Most go unreported, even more swept under the rug. We don't like to talk about child sexual abuse in this country, but it IS an epidemic..

You can have all the proof in the world and still not have the case prosecuted. If I wasn't living the nightmare for going on 7 years now, I wouldn't believe it either, but real life isn't an episode of Law and Order: SVU, the reality is almost 90% of all sexual assaults (child or adult) go unreported altogether. And a fraction of the ones that do ever see a courtroom or plea agreement. Many scumbag defense attorneys bank on being able to re-traumatize ths victim in open court and look over every word a child survivor has uttered in hopes of dissecting them and finding "tainted testimony"...the laws are designed to protect criminals more than they assist survivors. No doubt that Vazquez will have a few of those sh*tbags at his disposal.

Beyond disgusting..