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FB(L)A needs Braves, Reds owners

FB(L)A needs Braves, Reds owners

Far Beyond (League) Average is entering its second season and currently has owner openings for the Reds and Braves.
The premise of the league is each of the "first 16" franchises, are comprised of initial rosters built from the following 4 seasons: 1908, 1930, 1968, and 2000.

With 1908 and 1968 being two outlier seasons in pitching excellence leaguewide, and 1930 and the year 2000 being two of the most insane hitting seasons in MLB history. Imports are scheduled reverse chronologically of the 4 starting seasons (2001, 1969, 1931, 1909, 2002, 1970, 1932, 1910...etc), and a large Minor Leagues allows all 16 clubs to grow and develop talent for seasons to come.

Considering there is some research involved each season as you are allowed to switch one imports stats to a following year (based on certain AB/IP thresholds), owners with some experience under their belt are preferred.

Shoot me a msg or drop a comment here if you want an invite. First come, first serve...

Re: FB(L)A needs Braves, Reds owners

Hey, I'll join this league. I'd like the Braves if they're still available.


Re: Re: FB(L)A needs a Reds owner


Re: FB(L)A needs a Reds owner

I'd like to join this league.