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Best of the Best: 1947-2018 openings

Best of the Best: 1947-2018 openings

Best of the Best 1947-2018 is a 30-team league based on the Favorite Teams league concept, with some tweaks to create better parity (see league rules for details). We have a highly competitive league: no owner has won more than 1 ring here. Last season no team lost more than 100 games, and only 3 teams broke 100 wins (barely). No one has made the playoffs every season, and we have some of the best owners on PC in terms of win pct. and number of rings.

Our league resets every season, owners will switch franchises and cannot repeat franchises until every team has been used. Records are kept for total wins per owner and per franchise.

We just finished season 5 and will be having a franchise draft for season 6 very soon. PM me if you would like to join

Re: Best of the Best: 1947-2018 opening

We have 4 spots available, franchise draft has started for the upcoming season

Re: Re: Best of the Best: 1947-2018 ope

We now have 2 spots left. Both will have picks in the first half of the franchise draft

2 teams available, Fave teams style lea

Astros and Phillies are available for the upcoming season. (Similar to Fave teams format, years 1947-2018) Our franchise draft is wrapping up. PM me for invite. Please read the original message in this post and see league rules for a better understanding of what the league is about.

Astros available in Fave Teams style PL

Just one team left, the Houston Astros. PM me for invite. Please see original message for an understanding of how the league works.