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Drafting players in Favorites League

Drafting players in Favorites League

Hello, Managers,
Long-time site user, but my first time in a favorites league. I drafted my 35 players for a favorites team. I then went to set my lineup and found that I was unable to promote/demote players on my roster. I also found that I could not bring in non-roster players to replace those on the roster. Consequently, I have only one catcher and three relievers on my active roster. What have I done wrong? Will this change when play starts? Would appreciate advice. Thanks.

Re: Drafting players in Favorites Leagu

You can use 'Manage Farm System' on 'Team Page' until games start. Only after games start does the 'Promote/Demote' become available from a player's player card.

Also, until league is locked and all 12 teams have complete rosters, youre able to go to 'Draft Team' and delete individuals to add others.

Re: Re: Drafting players in Favorites L

I just realized that. I should've been more observant. Thank you for the quick reply.