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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 5

PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 5

We still have so many great topics on our list to choose from - many by request - but first we wanted to do one in which we talk about some of the most successful owners we've played against...
Thanks for listening!

Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 5

10/27 gbacci Hoops Forum 3 0
Fun listen. Jamin and Kingstreet are just amazing. Whenever I see "Menjai" in a baseball league, I know that if I'm lucky enough to get to the playoffs, I am one-and-done when my team faces Jamin.

Re: Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 5

10/29 jamin Hoops Forum 1 0
I loved your podcast -- I always love them, but this time I made the cast and the comments and appreciate you including me!!! If you ever want a guest, it would be fun :)

Been loving pennantchase for over 13 years (I think)!!! Thank you Guy!!! I know it's been a long time because my team name was originally the Jamin when my wife and I had three kids; I changed it to Menjai when we had our fourth (her name begins with E).

I completely agree with your choices of the owners you mentioned on the podcast -- they are great competitors and so are you guys :) Gatemouth in particular is a rival from the baseball side as well and is a really good guy :)

I'd also add the Sheik. BHgray, and dunroche as some outstanding competitors. I'm sure there are lots more. I'd also like to find some of the owners who got creamed in their first few leagues when they were learning the ropes but are now coming on strong. Jaredhamann is in first in one of my leagues and he did it with pick #5 which is not easy.

It's fun to have so many great competitors on pennantchase!!!

Thanks for the podcast!!!

Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 5

Another enjoyable listen. I would listen if you even went longer.

Thanks for the shout out fellas! I am in if you ever need a guest.