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Favorite Teams Leagues -Auto Leagues

Favorite Teams Leagues -Auto Leagues

I think all the players on your team must have played for the franchise you select correct?

If so why would there be a supplemental draft after round 3? No one but someone who also had your franchise could take a free agent from a different team could they?

then a free agent period, after game 6 which I get, it fills your bench.


Re: Favorite Teams Leagues -Auto League

The Supp Draft runs in Fav Teams because it follows the same mechanic as the Quick Draft leagues and it was/is too much work to rip it out... the players in free agency for Fav Teams are meant to be pretty bottom of the barrel for that reason... but you can pick up anyone... after the draft is over, the league is a normal league in the sense that trades, drops, etc. can happen so you're not necessarily going to end up with 100% your franchise.

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Thanks Guy, I wanted to face an idea of what I was doing before diving in and finding out I was at the shallow end

Re: Favorite Teams Leagues -Auto Le

Example: Sometimes in Fave teams there's a shortage of quality players at all positions, aka Catchers. You may have a very good catcher but the backup is total garbage. In the sup draft and FA you can possibly snag a better solution. Or maybe there's 1 RP who's worth it . It's basically a way to fill some whole that may need plugging.